The whole city was engulfed by raging flames. In the city’s central square, Medea was holding a decapitated corpse, its head having been bit off by a demonic beast. “Now you know too how it feels to be betrayed...” Medea spoke softly to the headless corpse resting on her thighs, ignoring the tears dripping down her face...

        Jason plucked up his courage and stepped onto the central square, for his love. The priestess is about to cast a spell there to draw in the demonic beast that has been plaguing the city; Jason's role was it kill it. Following the priestess’s call, a demonic beast flew from the sky to the square in attack. Covered in flames, it seemed to be some sort of flying dragon despite its skeletal appearance. Jason raised his sword to prepare for the attack, but the priestess' words drained his boldness. “Fire Drakon, I ask you to help us banish this warrior whose soul has been engulfed by darkness!”

“What?” Warding off the first attack with difficulty, Jason used the brief gap as he readies himself for another attack to ask the priestess.

“Our kingdom does not allow the existence of a soul corrupted by darkness. You shall be reduced to ashes right here!”

“Darling, are you kidding? I’m fighting a demonic beast for you all!”

“Shut up! I never cared for you. Everything I’ve done is to banish the evil darkness!” The priestess intensified her magic power as she spoke, so that the Fire Drakon could kill Jason faster. Her godlike power steadily streamed into the drakon, but soon she sensed that she was losing control of her power. The power received by the drakon was overwhelming. If nothing was done, everything around the square would be devastated as well. The priestess immediately asked for assistance from the teacher who taught her fire magic.

        The teacher told her that Jason had been corrupted by darkness and would bring disaster to the city. She assisted her in seducing Jason and earning his love so that he would let down his guard and walk onto the sacrificial altar of his own will. She taught her to summon the Fire Drakon to banish the darkness. But she never thought that the source of that overflowing power in the drakon was alctually her teacher, Medea.

        “For you, I didn’t spare the life of my own brother.... But I’ve never thought that your love is so fickle, and would drift upon other women here... Does my love mean so little to you, that you’d simply discard it?” Medea kept channeling magical power from her to the drakon, as if she wanted to drain all her love to Jason from her body...

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