In order to record the reason they lost the war against Demons, and to remind themselves that they should no longer consume each other due to humans, Gods hung the head of Medusa in their temple. In the realm of men, there is also a replica of the head hung inside Valhalla. The warriors had no idea that the head was forged. Therefore, before they went to war with other clans, they would grab the end of the snake hair and raise the head up high to show their crowning glory and prove that they were heroes who could take up any enemies on their own.

        Despite that, no one had ever asked about the true story of Medusa. She was not important at all when she was a fair maiden, just an ordinary mortal who would not disturb the flow of the stream of history. Therefore, there were no records about her back then. However, when she offended against Athena and became the direct cause of everything, she attracted interests. Medusa was blamed by both Gods and Humans as they reckoned she was the one who provoked the conflicts within Gods. She was cursed by the Goddess of Wisdom so that she became a gorgon. Since then, Medusa travelled across the ocean and lived on a deserted island. Heroes who worshipped the God of the Sea and those who worshipped the Goddess of Wisdom had set off to look for the island for different purposes, but those who found her were all petrified, and none of them were able to return. Therefore, there were no records about Medusa’s life on the island as well. The only description about her was the following short sentence:
        “A winged gorgon killed by a brave warrior.”

        Wars were caused by personal enmity. When the drum of war rumbled, the lives of individuals echoed with it were often ignored by history. After the war, they became another kinds of symbols, which people remembered in their own ways.

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