Medusa had been speaking with her eyes. Her head, placed inside the temple of Athena, luring people into gazing her with a bitter expression.

        ‘I had always wanted to leave. I tended to run away from the rest of the world. As long as there was a place where I could take a break, I don’t care even if I would fall out of the realm, or my body would die out... Now that my wish has been granted, but I keep thinking of him, the man who put me through all the misfortune.’ Sorrow would fill those who gazed into Medusa’s eyes, that they could not help but sighed. ‘Maybe what he had done was what I had been expecting. He killed me in place of me, for I could never go to great pains.’

        The snack hair hanged limply while Medusa’s stiff face was looking at the front. A sentence was left unfinished in her slightly opened lips. The gazers had always guessed whether Medusa would like to thank somebody, apologize, or she was about to say something else. In the silence as they were gazing at each other, the gazers’ body would pertify shortly. Their consciousness would be soaked in Medusa’s sorrow, listening to the story of Medusa told by her beautiful eyes. The gazers were sympathetic to her, yet they could no longer shed a tear, for their eyes, petrified, could only gaze at her, until they were carried away by Athena’s servants.

        Athena had already forgiven Medusa after hundreds of years from the war. She used Medusa’s head as a torture instrument for those who overstepped the boundary and fell in love with their god. As a warning, Athena displayed the statues of her admirers. However, people were determined at all cost to express their adoration, coming to Medusa contentedly. They would look into Medusa’s eyes affectionately, confessing their unregrettable love to each other timelessly.

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