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        The quarrel between Icy and Sophie had escalated into a nasty fight, throwing food at each other. Not only causing a great mess, but they also embarrassed the mayor in public.

        “Get the hell out of this town in 7 days!” Mayor then stormed out of their shops.

        “You got us into this!” Raising her voice, Icy blamed it on Sophie.

        “Stop whining and figure something out!” Sophie was freaked out by such a heavy consequence.

        Later in the day, the doorbell of Mayor’s residence rang. Getting out of shower, the mayor opened up and saw Sophie and Icy holding gifts as an apology.

        “Mr. Mayor, you must be mad that I stained your panty. That’s why I got you a premium laundry soap! All your panties are gonna look clean as new with it.”

        “Laundry soap? For real? Mr. Mayor, I got you this boxer of manhood! Do you know what’s better? There are laces on the edges!” Icy put the boxer around his waist.

        “You have 5 days!” The irritated mayor shut the girls outside his house.

        At midnight, someone was knocking on the door again. Wearing his pyjamas, the mayor opened up and saw the two girls again.

        “Mr. Mayor, I’ve finished a hellish training so that I can ground the soybean to even smoother. Please try this reinvented soy pudding.” Sophie begged the mayor with her teary eyes.

        “Mr. Mayor, I’ve visited a thousand ranches to find the best milk for ice-cream. Please try some too,” said Icy, offering an ice-cream cone to the mayor.

        “Do you have any idea how late it is now? Leave in 3 days!” The mayor yelled and shut the girls out again.

        Before the mayor could tug himself in, the doorbell rang again. Just when he was about to snap at the girls, the eye-catching bikinis they wore successfully made him listen.

        “Mr. Mayor, I promise you I’ll try my very best to get our town more travellers. Does it sound good?” Icy curled her hair behind her ear, radiating her charisma.

        “Mr. Mayor, I promise you I’ll be devoted to promote the catering business of our town. What do you think?” The adorable Sophie asked with a sweet smile.

        “Good. Very good…” Mayor’s anger vanished at the moment when he was surrounded by two hot bikini girls.

        Meanwhile, someone approached the mayor quickly.

        “GET THE HELL OUT TOMORROW——!” The furious lady mayor yelled even louder than a fierce beast.

        As their plan was completely failed, the dejected Icy and Sophie heaved a sigh.

        “I guess that’s it.”
        “Let’s go back to pack.”
        “I can’t fit that much in my luggage.”
        “Me neither. How about…”

        The same thought popped up in the girls’ head when they thought about the ingredients in their stores, “let’s do a giveaway!”

        Next day, Icy and Sophie started the business in the early morning.

        “Come here! Free ice-cream and soy pudding! One day only!”

        Because of their offers, the street was crowded with visitors again.

        “Both ice-cream and soy pudding sound good. Which one should I get?” A kid was hesitant to choose a dessert.

        Icy and Sophie served the desserts together when they heard the tough choice. “Why not both?”

        Taking the desserts joyfully, the kid poured the ice-cream into the soy pudding after thinking for a second. Once the mixed dessert made contact with his taste buds, miraculous sparkles were lit up in his eyes.


        Inspired by the kid, the curious customers started mixing the two desserts together before eating.

        “IT’SSSSSSSSSSSSS…” Customer A screamed.

        “SOOOOOOOOOOOO…” Customer B continued his word.

        “DDDEELLIIICCCIIIOOOUUUSSS…” Customer D was too overwhelmed to say the word “delicious” right.

        The reputation of the two desserts went viral. Very soon, the desserts were sold out, and their business was about to close.

        At this moment, the lady mayor arrived at the street to escort the girls, while dragging the mayor kneeling on a washboard.

        “Lady Mayor, please let them stay!” Everyone at the scene pleaded for the girls.

        The lady mayor didn’t change her mind until the kid spoke, “mommy, I like their desserts.”

        Turned out the kid was the son of the lady mayor; and nothing could work better than the request from her own son.

        “The two of you, stop making trouble. You hear me?” The lady mayor said.

        “Does that mean we can stay? Yay!” The relieved Icy and Sophie hugged each other; next second, Sophie gave a stern face again. “But…we just used up all the ingredients. We don’t have the money to run our business.”

        “If the two desserts can be bought at once, then I’ll be spending much less time in queuing!” The son of mayor then gorged the dessert.

        Icy and Sophie looked at each other again.

        “Why don’t we merge into 1 store?”

        Sharing the same thought, the two girls nodded at each other.

        “Then...let’s start an ice-cream-soy pudding business in my store!” Icy took the initiative to break the silence.

        “The business should be in my store!” Sophie refused to let Icy take the upper hand.

        Everyone left as soon as they caught the tension between the girls. It seemed that there was still a long to go before the girls could get along with each other...