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        "What would you sacrifice for love?”

        "I would sacrifice my life for a chance to meet Diarmuid once more.”

        Isabel chose to believe Blair, the Witch of Rotten Woods, and became a tester for Blair’s experimental potion. The potion turned out to be defective. Spider silk gushed out of her mouth and wrapped her in a cocoon the instant she consumed the potion. When she broke out of the cocoon, she was no longer human but a half-woman, half-spider monster. Her scream pierced through the forest and terrified all residents. Marguerite helped Isabel settle down deep in the forest and forbade elves and humans from entering the area.

        Marguerite catered for Isabel with fruits every day. Despite Isabel’s ravenous hunger, every bite of fruit induced vomiting that expulsed all of the contents from her stomach. The condition lasted days, and she had not eaten the entire time.

        The weakening Isabel slumped by the tree. At that moment, the fragrance of meat attacked her nose, and blood sprinted through her veins. Gluttony drove her to approach her “prey” as she climbed the tree.

        Isabel’s target was a hunter that had trespassed into the forbidden area. He tiptoed through the woods holding a shotgun. His meaty, sweet smell piqued Isabel’s desire to gulp down every bit of him. Starvation finally broke her sanity. She bared her sharp teeth and leaped at the hunter! The hunter could not react quickly enough as Isabel’s teeth dug into his neck and injected venom that triggered a seizure. When Isabel took her first bite of human flesh, her memories of living with Diarmuid flashed into her mind.

        "Are you sure about this? If you depart from your country, you’ll lose your status and honor.” “I love you. That’s all that matters.” Diarmuid’s love warmed Isabel’s heart. She decided to elope with him, but the royal family sent men to hunt them down. As Diarmuid and Isabel sprinted through the woods, countless footsteps sounded from behind. Isabel was hanging onto a thread, but it was the happiest moment in her life. Looking at Diarmuid’s back and his hands that locked hers gave her a sense of security…

        When Isabel finally came to her senses, she found herself sitting in a pool of blood. Her ravenousness remained. Her hunger had not been satiated, She stared at the skull at a loss and said, ‘This must be a dream...I must get back to Diarmuid as soon as possible…’ She stretched her mouth and took another big bite.

        Later, Isabel fell in love with the flavor of human flesh and the short flashbacks brought by swallowing it. She hung on a tree and spread her spiderwebs, waiting for more victims to fall into her traps. Soon, the villagers became aware of a cannibal spider woman living in the forest. They armed themselves and charged into the forest, determined to root out Isabel for good.

        Isabel watched the villagers march into the forest. Her eyes showed no sign of fear. She could not wait to taste the villagers...Isabel sealed the exit of the forest with a spider web. The villagers advanced deeper, not knowing some of them had already disappeared into Isabel’s stomach until the size of the team was reduced to half.

        Panic rendered everyone immobile. Trying to calm them down, the leader promptly said, ‘Don’t be afraid! We’ve outnumbered that monster by far! Stay together and we’ll-Hm!’ Before he could finish the sentence, Isabel sneaked up on him and bit off his head. Others spread out screaming and running to the exit, which had been sealed. Trapped in the forest, they became Isabel’s desserts one after the other. Isabel licked blood off her lips. Memories replayed in her head as her stomach digested the human flesh.

        "Diarmuid, where have you been? I couldn’t find you when I woke up! Can you imagine how scared I was?”

        “Don’t get mad. Here.” Diarmuid took out a bag of freshly baked bread and handed it to Isabel, and she grabbed it joyously. “I went out for this. How is it?”

        “It’s delicious. I love you, Diarmuid.”

        “I love you too, Isabel.”

        ‘I would sacrifice everything if we could be together for eternity…’

        Isabel murmured to herself as the human flesh slid down her throat. She indulged in her memories. Marguerite witnessed this slaughter, but she couldn’t do anything about it. Every time a trespasser fell victim to Isabel’s insatiable hunger, she pushed herself closer to insanity...