“Marry me.”
        One day, she walked towards Meng Huo, looking him straight in the eye. He remembered it was drizzling on that day. The raindrops sprinkled on her beautiful face.
        Trapped by an intangible spider web, Meng Huo was aware that he could never escape from her. His heart and body all belonged to her now——Zhurong, the 7th daughter of the chief of the second largest tribe in Nanman.
        “I don’t love you, but I need you to marry me.” Zhurong said. “In addition to my feelings, I can give you anything, including obligations between couples.”
        “...But why me?”
        “It’s because you have no ambition.” Zhurong gently rubbed her earlobe. “I don't want to marry the second son of Hua tribe, so you are my only choice.” Zhurong said as she gently bit her lips.
        Meng Huo was stunned by her words. Such nonsensical request would definitely be rejected by the others, but to Meng Huo, he simply could not refuse. Therefore, he irrationally responded: “Okay, I’ll marry you.”
        Soon, they had a wedding in the blessings of their own family and friends. Following the marriage, Meng Huo took Zhurong to his tribe——a remote mountain.
        Meng Huo was born in the biggest tribe of Nanman, the 13th son of the current chief. However, he did not have much authority in his clan because he was just a son of a concubine. Coupled with his stupidity that he barely learnt how to speak until three years old, the tribal chief had never treated Meng Huo as his heir. Thus, he was simply given a small land in a mountain and hundreds of soldiers. His responsibility was to manage the farming chores.
        Meng Huo had no lust for power because he was destined never to have it, and he was satisfied with the laid back way of living on the hill. Seldom did someone come to propose a marriage, so he had already decided to be alone for the rest of his life, but now…
        Meng Huo kept staring at Zhurong who just dismounted from a horse. She sensed his gaze and looked back.
        “What’s the matter?”
        “Nothing. You go inside. Let me settle the baggage.”
        “Hold on, where are your servants?”
        “They’re busy. I can do it.”
        However, Meng Huo was in a puzzle over her long face, and remained silent as he moved the baggage into the mansion. In the blink of an eye, Meng Huo got it done with his brute force. As he went to the hall, Zhurong was more displeased than before after wiping a wooden table with her finger. She seemed to be dissatisfied with everything in sight.
        “Does she regret marrying me already?” Meng Huo felt heart-broken. He was well aware of the pain of losing someone he loved. “I...don’t want to lose her.”
        “Dear, are you hungry? I can bring you food——”
        “Husband, bring me all the soldiers and servants.”
        “Uh...Alright!” Meng Huo had no idea what she was planning, but as long as he could please her, he was willing to do anything she asked for.
        After a while, Meng Huo had brought all the soldiers and servants into the hall. Everybody paid full attention to Zhurong, who was sitting with her legs crossed and sipping tea calmly. As time ticked away, the crowd began to get impatient at her silence. Meng Huo whispered to Zhurong: “Dear, everyone is here.”
        “I know.” Zhurong glanced at them displeasingly and reproached: “Waiting for your Master is your duty, isn’t it?
        Her words made everyone silent in the hall. Zhurong continued as she put down the cup: “Who is the butler?”
        A trembling old man stepped forwards: “Madam, I’m Wang, the butler.”
        “So we got a butler here. Why there was nobody greeting when your Master came back? And you even let him carry the baggage on his own. I wonder what are your duties here?”
        “My dear——”
        “Husband, I know you’re kind to them, but don’t overdo it.” Zhurong said as she glanced at Meng Huo, who then shut up after a moment of hesitation. She crossed her arms and said: “I can let pass whatever you did in the past, but from now on, I’ll not tolerate such behavior.”
        Under the management of Zhurong, everyone was disciplined. Crops were far more than before and the furniture in the house was no longer covered by dust. However, Meng Huo still insisted on helping the farming chores due to his passion over working, and Zhurong had no intention to intervene it.
        One day, Meng Huo and his servants finished reaping the harvest of this quarter. It was already dark outside. When he was back, Zhurong was sleeping in the corridor. Meng Huo was afraid that she would catch a cold. As he wanted to carry her in his arms to the bedroom, he saw a fire suddenly——
        “Wow——!” Meng Huo was frightened and fell down. The flames resembled a beast baring its fangs.
        “ it?”
        “It’s my power.” Zhurong woke up, reached out her hand and the fire beast was vanished into thin air. She looked back and asked: “Are you scared?”
        “No, not at all.” Meng Huo promptly held her hand, but eventually let go because of his discourtesy. His manly face was blushing immediately, which made Zhurong smile. She said gently as she held his hand and gazed at the moon: “Very well.”
        Watching her hand holding, Meng Huo’s heart was beating fast and filling with love. His eyes were brimmed with tears suddenly.
        “As long as I love her, It doesn't matter whether she love me or not.”

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