Merlin took out his treasure box from a hidden compartment in his closet. Inside were pieces of women's clothing. He put one on and turned around in front of the mirror. Looking at himself, he felt peace and relief…’This is the real me.’ He placed his hands onto the mirror.

        One night, Merlin dressed like a girl as he always did and wandered the quiet streets. There was no one there but him. He scanned all of the fashion shops’ display windows; he walked on the bridge and became spellbound by his own reflection in the water. Suddenly, sneering came from behind. Merlin looked back and found his teammates smiling…’That’s new. Our top student has such weird hobby!’ Their laughter drowned him in embarrassment. Merlin pushed through them and ran back home as fast as he could.

        Merlin cried until he had dried himself of tears. Having the soul of a female, he treated his gender as a curse. He went to the school library and stayed from dusk to dawn trying to find a magic spell that could solve his problem. Day after day, he read countless books without luck. ‘If there isn’t a spell, I’ll create one,’ thought Merlin. He spread several books out on a large table and began merging different magic spells together.

        It did not take long before Merlin succeeded inventing a new magic spell, which had the ability to alter his appearance. Every spell should be tested carefully before it was put into practice, but he was very confident in his talent and could not wait to “fix” his body. He cast the spell on himself recklessly...A gust of orange mist appeared and swallowed Merlin. As the mist scattered, “she” found her chest inflated like a woman. She pressed her chest and exclaimed, ‘This is the real me!’ Her voice had turned into a female one as well, making her even happier.

        The next morning, Merlin could not wait to see her classmates’ reactions when they found out what had happened, so she went to school earlier than usual. Her classmates entered the classroom one by one. The girls looked at her curiously; the boys stared at her timidly. When Merlin thought her spell had worked, their head teacher screamed at her. Her classmate pointed at her and yelled, ‘W-why are there two head teachers?’ ‘It must be a youkai!’ They launched attacks at Merlin without thinking. Shee quickly summoned a shield to block their spells while running away from the school. She did not stop until she reached the lake. Merlin checked her reflection in the water and found her appearance changing constantly…

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