Led by Tim, the cats arrived at Cullinan’s mansion, ready for an infiltration to get Ali Baba out. To avoid being spotted, they hid in the underbrush. But when Tim was about to explain his own map to the pals, he found that something went wrong. “Something is not right! Where are the other four cats?”

        “And you didn’t know that until now? Apart from the still-showering Merbromin, the triplets have long gone. Anyways, let’s get down to business,” Mellow said as she rolled her eyes.

        “But we’re incomplete without them!” Tim started biting his nail anxiously. “Sigh...according to my investigation, it takes 50 steps to the backyard at 3 o’clock direction, and then continue at 5 o’clock until we see a wall under renovation. We can sneak into the mansion through that hole,” he said while shaking his head.

        Thus, Tim took the lead, followed the route and counted their steps together. But Wimpy carelessly took one more step out of his nervous cramp.

        “You did it wrong! I said 50 steps. Start over!” everyone repeated the process over and over helplessly because of Tim’s obsession.

        After several trials, they finally went into the mansion. The cats walked on tiptoes, but when passing through a Cullinan’s statue, it let out a distorted laughter. The startled Fist punched the statue’s head off right away.

        Tim rushed at the head, hoping to put it back to the right place; the others caught up quickly, but they were attracted by the finger-licking fish cuisines. Except Tim.

        “This mess is outrageous” He rolled up his sleeves to tidy up the room while the others were going into the hall.

        “Beware of any traps!” Right after Mellow said so, the tile that Choux was stepping on began to sag suddenly. Choux and the rest of the crew fell into a bottomless hole in the blink of an eye.

        Then, tiles sagged one by one and the remaining cats fell down accordingly. They were desperate to grip the edge tight as a support. Only Zero was lucky enough to dodge the bullet. “Help them up quickly,” Mellow, riding on him, shouted.

        Zero reacted fast to pull the pals up to the floor, but what made the rescue difficult was the extra weight that Tim was carrying. “Just let go of the bloody head,” said Mellow.

        “No, I need to put it back!” Tim insisted.

        Zero lacked enough strength to save them, so all three fell into the hole together. In the nick of time, Zero made a last ditch effort to push Tim up to the floor. “Lead the cats to save Ali Baba!” After Mellow’s last order, she and Zero had fallen into the dark hole...

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