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        “The legend said that the guardian of the Ocean of Gates, Lucifer and Michael, stay at the level where the tower was broken, guarding the Ocean of Gates that leads to the different parts of the world.”

        The corridor is filled with crevices. The cracked passageway leads to the door to the Ocean of Gates. You have passed the trial of the Valkyries and arrived at the top level, where the heroes of yore had once reached. Glauox said sentimentally, “behind the door is the land where heroes and elements merge. Summoner, after passing through the door, you can reach an unprecedented height...”

        Pushing your palm against the door, your heart rate involuntarily increases. Pieces of grit float up as you push open the heavy door. You step under the sparkling starry sky, with the broken ceiling of the tower above your head; and the upper half of the tower hides in the darkness of the sky.


        Warned by Glauox, you hurriedly summon the heroic spirits. Two spears parry the larger spear thrusting towards you; at the same time, four lances fend off an attacking long-bladed polearm. The heroic spirit of the human shouted towards the guardian, “Lucifer, this time I have brought enough power to beat you!”

        The ethereal dragon you have just summoned howls and charges forward. The heroic spirits leap about the fragments of the tower and battle against the flying Michael and Lucifer.

        “Summoner, these are just empty shells of Lucifer and Michael; I cannot feel their souls — ”

        You have no time to respond. Even if they are just empty shells or manifestations, the power of Michael and Lucifer is already unbelievably mighty. The heroic spirits are battling fiercely, wearing you down both mentally and physically. You strain to arrange the elements to break the powerful shield of the guardian. Michael nimbly breaks away from the encirclement of the heroic spirits, but his stabbing blade is warded off by the Valkyrie’s long needle. The giant mythological beast clutches the wings of Michael with its snake tail and flings him onto Lucifer. As they rally back together, the human hero seizes the opportunity to release his powerful force. The ethereal dragon and the heroic spirit of the Demon summon myriad elements, and the radiance of the Runestones outshines starlight. The sparks emitting from the clash between the blades momentarily blind you; but you know the endless stream of elements has already surged through the guardian’s shield. The power of elements is about to tear them apart, reminiscent of the Gods splitting the Enochian Tower in the past...

        The colliding elements emit a dazzling silvery-white light, enveloping you within. Upon seeing this, your thoughts settle, with a sense of carefree evoking in your heart. You feel like you are finally released from all responsibilities... But you know, this is not the final destination of your journey.

        “Summoner! You are indeed the chosen one! The long journey of climbing the tower is over. Now it’s time to explore the world behind the heaven’s gate...”

        Nearly exhausted, you just lie on the ground and listen to the excited words of Glauox quietly. But even Glauox does not know what awaits you in heaven — nightmarish catastrophe or the hope of salvation...