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        Geppetto’s wizard puppet was checking the ratio of different parts while drawing a design diagram. Ancient Dragon Power did not just save him, it also mutated his body. He grew faster than any other children. He was clever and studious; he remembered all that Midgley had taught him. He was so concentrated on his research that he was not aware of the surroundings...

        Midgley observed him from around the corner. Geppetto and Midgley’s young self was very much alike: always forgetting to eat or sleep as he researched; everything happened around him seemed irrelevant to him. He used to be someone like this as well. Only his research mattered; everything else was dispensable. Looking at Geppetto’s back, Midgley was slightly worried if he would turn into such a person: yearning too much for Ancient Dragon Power and research results and consequently forgetting who he was.

        ‘If that’s the case, I’ll kill you with my own hands.’ Midgley said in his heart.

        In the morning a few days later, Midgley was awoken by a loud noise. He hurried to Geppetto’s room, only to see his wizard puppet sitting on the floor with a dreamy giggle.

        “Teacher, what a coincidence! Can you help with my experiment?”

        Geppetto handed Midgley his cane and said excitedly, “Try tapping the ground with it.”

        Midgley did as he said, slightly knocking on the ground with the cane. Geppetto’s puppet seemed to have received a special message; it broke down into pieces and reassembled into a giant metallic snake.

        Midgley was surprised. He could not have imagined that Geppetto was able to modify his puppet into this.

        “It’s still connected with me, and is also powered by Ancient Dragon Power.” Geppetto’s voice rung out from the snake and he continued: “Only you can activate this mode of the puppet...”

        “Interesting! Geppetto, you’re truly a student of mine!”

        Geppetto had long been tired of hiding behind people and being the protected. With this transforming system, he could fight with others. Midgley was much delighted. He knew if Geppetto continued his research, he could even surpass Midgley himself.