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        Midgley walked in a dark alley. His experiment was close to success; the materials he needed for his experiment would be abundant in places like this...A few rascals stood in his way. With their knives pointing at Midgley, they said, “If you don’t wanna die, hand me your valuables!”

        “Hmph! Muahahaha!” Midgley broke into laughter. Suddenly hearing such maniacal laugh, the rascals were frightened back.

        “Humans are so pitiful that they have even lost their sense to danger? Anyways...” Midgley’s eyes turned evil. The people in front of him were no longer viewed as “Humans”, but rather, as “materials” instead.

        “I’ll take you as my test subjects!”

        In just an instant’s time, all that remained was Midgley. Beside him laid broken limbs and splattered organs.

        “Not enough. As I have expected, ordinary Humans are not strong enough for me to truly test my power...” Midgley murmured to himself. Suddenly, a number of shadows appeared around him. They merged into a Demon’s figure: “Blood...Aromatic blood...More...” The blood seeped out of those slaughtered by Midgley, attracting a legion of Demons. They approached Midgley.

        Midgley was unhurried. Again, he raised the giant metallic arm which he had been modifying repeatedly, saying, “Finally! Decent subjects for my experiment!” Purplish lightning lit up around Midgley. He charged into the crowd of Demons, flattening the front batch with his metallic arm. Those at the back were not startled. They kept dashing to Midgley. He licked his dry lips and laughed maniacally. These Demons might provide him more data to prove how magnificent Ancient Dragon Power could be.

        Around Midgley’s feet were piles of unidentifiable remains. He emotionlessly looked at his metallic left arm. He remained unsatisfied, thinking he had not fully tested his Ancient Dragon Power. Suddenly, a cloaked figure appeared in the alley...

        “Human! Give it up! That is not power Humans can harness. Hand it to me!”

        “Demonic Savants, huh? I knew you’d show up. The true test subjects for my experiment have finally arrived!” Midgley slowly walked towards the Demonic Savants.