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        “Sweetie, don’t be sad. I’ve seen many incidents like this before. I know how to bring your baby back. When you’re home, go to your bedroom. Turn off the lights at midnight. Pick up a small mirror and say these words thirteen times ‘come back, my baby’. Then, your baby will live again —” A traditional birth attendant held a woman’s hand while softly consoled her.

        No matter whether the rumor was true or not, it was the last hope for the woman who had just lost her baby. Her husband had long perished. The baby was his only successor and the only proof that he had been alive. She could never lose this baby.

        It was twelve o’clock. The woman turned off all the lights in the house, as if one ray of light would nullify the rumor’s effect. The dark-blue sky’s dim rays of light shone through the full-height glass window into the woman’s bedroom, coloring the entire room with a tint of blue. Holding a mirror that was about the size of her palm, she murmured the words, “Come back, my baby. Come back, my baby...”

        After the thirteenth utterance, the woman opened her eyes and scanned across the room, but nothing seemed to have happened. She kneeled in disappointment, painful tears streaming down her face. Suddenly, a vague form appeared from the window, apparently manifesting a baby’s shape. It crawled into the room and went toward the kneeling woman, while its body gradually turned from vague to corporeal. Maybe it was because of the sky’s color, the baby’s skin reflected blue light. Not having recovered from the shock that her baby had actually returned, the woman did not touch the baby’s blue skin.

        Unable to talk, the little baby uttered “Ma”, as if wanting its mother to hold it. The baby patted the woman’s knees, its watery eyes asking for the favor. The woman looked at its eyes, and was surprised to find that they looked exactly the same as her late husband. Witnessing this, she hurriedly held the baby in her arms, and worried as if letting go of it would mean a forever farewell. She could not bear the pain of losing her baby again. Singing a lullaby, she lightly swung her arms, imitating the comfortable swaying of a basket.

        Gradually, she felt her arms become heavier and heavier. When she was too tired to continue holding the baby, she wanted to put it down onto her bed, only to find the baby so heavy that she could not even stand! The woman gazed at the baby while “it” gradually lifted its head. The wide-open eyes on its face scared the woman so much that she wanted to throw the baby out of her arms. However, its weight kept increasing, almost crushing the woman’s arms.


        The baby’s soft cries turned into squeaky wails; its voice was hoarse and sharp like an evil spirit. Even the woman’s terrified screams were covered by its voice. The baby’s body grew bigger along with its horrible wails, crushing the woman under it!

        The next day, a neighbor visited her house because she was worried that the woman might do rash things to herself. However, what was in the house profoundly frightened her to the point that she hurriedly crawled home before calling the police. When the police arrived, they could not help but feel appalled by the scene: there was a piece of body...a piece! Not even an intact body was left of the woman.

        Her body was thin like paper, as if she was crushed by a heavy object. Her limbs were still linked to her trunk. Her body was unharmed, and there was no blood at all. However, her arms and legs were tangled. Her face was crushed in the middle. Her nose was flat. Her eyes and mouth were wide-open; it was clear that she was in extreme fear before she died. Instead of being crushed, maybe that was the actual cause of her death.

        “— but remember. If the baby comes back with blue skin, break your mirror. Or you will never see daybreak again.” The traditional birth attendant’s voice rang again in the black market hospital. Those were the words she said to another woman who had just given birth to a dead baby.