Since his consciousness had returned, Yoshitsune tried hard to break free from Lü Bu’s control. Yoshitsune knew that Lü Bu trained him not only to take control of the realm, but also to forge himself an opponent who could fight against him. Yoshitsune not only must regain his freedom, but also save his lover trapped in the wonderland.

        It was after an accident that he discovered that Lü Bu’s influence over him could be alleviated through death. As a result, he had been going all out in pursuit of death and was reborn time after time with the power of Demons. After he had fled from the wonderland, he died in different ways. After several rebirths, he could feel himself out of the demonic blood injected by Lü Bu. He recalled his plan of saving his lover from the wonderland, and his desire of tearing Lü Bu into two. When he was looking for his lover in the wonderland, he saw his foe once again.

        Yoshitsune waved his sword and pierced Lü Bu through mid-section, and Lü Bu’s violet blood splashed onto his pale face. Lü Bu waved his halberd to make Yoshitsune step back. Ignoring his bleeding wound, Lü Bu laughed madly as he pointed his halberd at Yoshitsune.

        “Aha! Kid, it seems you’re free from my control! Beat me and bring your woman with you!”

        Lü Bu thrust his halberd into Yoshitsune as if it was a dragon leaping out from the water. The violet pneuma swirling around the halberd became a purple dragon assaulting Yoshitsune, who showed no fear to its emergence. When the dragon was about to swallow Yoshitsune, he waved his left hand and the dragon was cut in half. At the next moment he tried to slash Lü Bu with his golden katana, yet the blow was fended off by the halberd. As light flashed in their eyes, the two waved their weapons on and on. Hundreds of clangs could be heard within a blink second. The two were only few steps from each other, pointing their weapons at their opponents as they were confronting each other. The ground was coated by blood smelling of iron and the two were showered with blood. Blood kept flowing out from the tens of wounds on Lü Bu’s body, while Yoshitsune was covered with cuts made by the halberd. None of them were aware of the appalling wounds, as if they were never injuried.

        “Lü Bu!” Yoshitsune yelled.

        The katana once again collided with the halberd. The impact of the two weapons created a strong gust of wind, which crushed every object around into dust. The collision filled the air with sand and dirt, and the two could not be seen... When everything was settled down, the two were seen lying on the ground a few steps from one another, appearing to be dead. Suddenly Lü Bu rose, supporting himself with the halberd as a staff. Seeing Yoshitune remained unconscious on the ground, Lü Bu laughed arrogantly and murmured to himself. He left after staring at Yoshitsune’s body for a while. However, he overlooked Yoshitsune’s hand, which was clenched tightly...

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