“That idiot Taishang Laojun stood me up again! He must have gone to find that little girl Poppy and forgot our date!” In the Heavenly Kingdom surrounded by sea of clouds, a burly man Lü Dongbin pulled a long face sitting on his long sword. He could not stop grumbling as he hovered around the sky.
        Lü Dongbin raised an eyebrow when he saw a silver-haired boy leave in a hurry.
        “Isn’t he Zhang Guolao? Why did he come out from Taishang Laojun’s residence...I’m bored anyway. Let me take a look.”
        Lü Dongbin rode his sword to the residence and landed at the entrance in the blink of an eye. With a flick of his fingers, the sword became smaller and smaller, finally flying into his back. He went straight to the residence and there were two monsters lying in front of a main building.
        “Ox and bronco were down...did Zhang Guolao do that?”
        Lü Dongbin touched his chin and wore a cunning smile.
        “It’s exactly a good chance for me to have a hold over Taishang Laojun.”
        He walked inside the residence in excitement. As an old friend of Taishang Laojun, Lü Dongbin knew where the study room was even if he was blindfolded. The room had nothing but books and scrolls.
        “Taishang Laojun hates people touching his collections. There must be some hidden secrets. Let me reveal them all!”
        He did a fingertip search for each corner in the room, but all the books were related to Xian arts, which was not enough to take hold of Taishang Laojun.
        Soon, Lü Dongbin’s patience had used up. He was lying on the wooden floor, counting the hound sculptures on the caisson ceiling.
        “It seems Taishang Laojun is a total egghead. Sightseeing in the realm of Humans is far more interesting than wasting my time here.”
        Lü Dongbin wanted to get up, but his sword grip accidentally hit a pile of scrolls on the cypress desk down to the ground.
        “Sigh! Bad luck...If I don’t put them back, Taishang Laojun will know someone has sneaked in,” he said. As he bent over to pick the scrolls up, he was attracted by a scroll holder inlaid with gold on the desk.
        “The holder was hidden in the scrolls. It seems someone doesn’t want it to be found...Perhaps there are some erotic arts inside it! Hahaha! Finally I’ve got something on you——!”
        Lü Dongbin burst into laughter. As he was going to open it, a shadow pounced on him suddenly——
        “Ah! Why did you bite me, Gao Yao? I’m an old friend of Taishang Laojun. Don’t you recognize me?” He dodged its attack in time. The dog was Taishang Laojun’s pet.
        “Woof!” Gao Yao just stared at the scroll holder on his hand.
        “Even Gao Yao cares about it. There must be a great secret inside.” Lü Dongbin was unwilling to let go of the holder. Both of them had a face off at this moment, until two monsters broke the silence——which were the ox and bronco at the entrance.
        “You dared to break into Master's study room!”
        “We won't forgive you!”
        “Tut! Things are getting out of hand...I'll never give you the holder!”
        Beclouded by impulsiveness, Lü Dongbin drew his sword, which resonated with his Xian energy and started trembling.
        “Back off!” He waved his sword.
        Bang! A deafening noise came. The ox, bronco and Gao Yao were knocked flying by the impact of his sword and fell down.
        “Bronco...we got beaten up all day...”
        “Right...because we're not strong enough...”
        Both of them were faint again. However, Lü Dongbin had no time to care about them since the impact had blasted a big hole in the study room. Besides, the scroll holder was broken as a result of his Xian energy; the pieces scattered to the east, south, west and north side of the realm of Humans.
        Lü Dongbin was vexed as he could not help but watch them fall down to nowhere to be seen from the Heavenly Kingdom.
        “I'm in deep trouble...Just forget about the house. At least I have to bring the pieces back. Otherwise, I'm sure Taishang Laojun will kill me!”

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