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        “Although we return without the treasure, you all did a good job!” Upon hearing Ali Baba's encouragement, the forty cats, who were frustrated, immediately cheered up and rubbed their faces against their master. Every since Ali Baba signed the contract with these cats, they became invincible where stealing anything they wanted was a piece of cake, which tremendously upset Genie since there was no chance of Ali Baba using his second wish...

        However, it didn’t last long... Ali Baba and the forty thieves finally met their match, a famous veteran thief, so they returned with nothing this time!

        Stealing for years from all over the world, the veteran thief was notorious. He was notorious and had a large amount of treasure. He was recently imprisoned, but was bailed out in a couple of days. This veteran thief caught Ali Baba's attention, who sent his cats to stalk the thief for a few days until they found his treasure room. As usual, the cats turned into smoke and sneaked into the treasure room. Surprisingly, after unlocking the door, there was only one card in the closet, which wrote:
“Forty thieves: what a shame!”

        A burst of laugher together with the clash of weapons came from behind. Under the shield of cats, Ali Baba, who was astonished by the sudden change, immediately ran away.

        “This is quite the pickle, isn’t it? So, your second wish is probably wanting to know where the treasure is located, right? As Ali Baba anxiously walked around, Genie saw his chance to persuade Ali Baba to use his second wish.
        “No no no Genie, I already know the location!” Ali Baba said with certainty.
        “Where is it then?”
        “It’s definitely in the insurance pool! That’s the best location for that much treasure!” Ali Baba confidently said.
        “Are you mad? What kind of thief goes to an insurance pool.” Genie replied.

        “It’s a special insurance pool...” Ali Baba lowered his head and remained silent. After a while, he turned to Genie and said: “Alright, I’ve changed my mind, I want to make my second wish .”
        “Really?” Genie’s eyes lit up.
        “My. Second. Wish. Is...”Ali Baba slowed down, “to set you free.”

        “Huh?” Before Genie realized what just happened, he was pushed out of the lamp and grew his feet and lower body. Genie looked at the lamp that he had already parted with and his new feet then curiously asked: “W...Why?”

        “Because I can accomplish my wishes by myself! Hehe, aren’t I awesome?” He continued: “You are free now, do whatever you want!” Without waiting for Genie to reply, he left with the forty cats.

        “It was hard to let Genie go, but I did something awesome!” Ali Baba bragged to his cats. While Ali Baba was still proud of his “good deed”, someone suddenly grabbed his shoulder and shouted: “'I finally got you!” Ali Baba turned around, only to see two soldiers, holding a wanted photo of the forty cats, glaring furiously at him…

        “Wait a sec! I just met these cats today...Hey let go of me!” Begging didn't do the job. Ali Baba was threw into prison.

        “The forty thieves? He sends cats to hunt treasure...How funny, hahaha!” The prison guard laughed out loud close to Ali Baba, while the latter squatted behind the bars and asked: “When will you let me out...” The prison guard laughed even harder and said: “After all that you've done, you still want to get out of here? Haha!” Ali Baba frowned and said: “But another thief has been recently set free...” At that moment, the prison guard's expression instantly changed, and moved close to Ali Baba, whispering: “He had money. What do you have?” Ali Baba answered: “You took everything from me. Wasn’t that enough?” The prison guard laughed and said: “That wasn’t what we wanted...” He motioned a “money” gesture at Ali Baba.
“I was right. This is the safest insurance pool.” Ali Baba whistled, “Kids! Have you found them?” In response to his whistle, green smoke emerge out of thin air and transformed into the forty cats. The frightened prison guard was about to ring the bell, but the cats jumped on him and chocked him until he fainted. After that, they unlocked Ali Baba’s shackles and led him to the next prison cell, gesturing at a few bricks on the ground, and made “meow, meow” sounds. Ali Baba smiled, knocking at the bricks. They were hollow inside! He took a knife from the cats, pried up the bricks and raised the cover of the stone bed, showing the glimmering diamonds, coins and antiques inside…

        “Pack them up, kids! Hahaha...” A "pump" sound suddenly drew Ali Baba out of his excitement and the next thing he knew, he was standing in a street corner. There was no stone bed and there was no sign of the treasure, but a familiar figure approached….

        “Ali Baba! May...May I join you?!” Genie handed him the lamp with excitement in his eyes, but Ali Baba was actually annoyed.
        “What are you doing Genie?” Ali Baba was reunited with Genie again; he not only knew where the treasures were, but also got another strong helper!