“Orion? Orion?”

        “Hungry hungry?”

        Marble and Mitty leaned close to Orion, a star constellation. Yet no matter how hard they tried, Orion, lying cold on the floor with a smile, could no longer talk back. They couldn’t comprehend what happened in front of them. All they knew were rubbing against the boy with heads and paws, hoping to wake their owner up.

        The Orion shining in the night sky became dimmer while Canis Major and Minor were glowing brighter and brighter. Right when the star faded away completely, Orion’s body turned into sparkles and vanished into thin air. Since then, Marble and Mitty had been staying in the cabin. They thought Orion was out for food as usual, but they didn’t know that the man would never come back anymore. This wait was meaningless.

        As time had gone by, Marble and Mitty lost count of the days without Orion. Suddenly, rapid footsteps ran towards the cabin. The blinding light kept them from seeing the visitor clear. To their surprise, it wasn’t Orion who they’d been expecting, but an unfamiliar teen.

        The teen looked them in the eyes, and the growling stomachs of Marble and Mitty broke the silence. He took out a big piece of ham; the aroma of it turned the starving dogs on. Right when they were about to feast, the teen hooked the ham to a fishing rod and swung it in front of them! Having no resistance to the temptation, the starving Marble and Mitty kept chasing after the meat. But soon Marble figured out that the teen was just making fun of them, so he stopped to glare at him; While Mitty was still fooled until Marble bit his ear to signal, making him stop and glare at the teen as well.

        “Don’t be mad. I just can’t help myself because you two are too adorable,” the teen said as if he was a mind reader, passing the ham to them. They sniffed at the piece of meat, and started feasting after they made sure it was safe to take. At this moment, the figure of the teen looked exactly the same as Orion. He had a similar vibe with him too. Looking at this teen, they suddenly felt like home again…

        In the meantime, dense footsteps sounded all around the woods. Not just Marble and Mitty but the teen was also alerted. He went to the window and reached his head out for scouting. An arrow was fired all of a sudden, almost killing him. He stared at the arrow pinned on the wall, while the two puzzled dogs tilt their heads. The confused teen and the dogs looked at each other, but more arrows were fired from ahead! Everyone in the house hid in a hurry and the startled Mitty crouched on the floor. Marble couldn’t stand to watch the coward Mitty, so he spanked his butt.

        “Get yourself together and close the door! Do you want us getting killed by the arrows?”

        “Yes yes! Got it got it!” Mitty grabbed a chance to close it and looked at Marble cheerfully. But the grumpy Marble said again, “What’s the purpose of closing the door if you don’t lock it!” Then Mitty went to lock the door.

        “You two… can speak?” The teen dropped his jaw. But before the dogs could explain, the windows were already cracked by some rocks. Then they finally realized that the enemies had cornered them.
        “Escape…now…” The teen was going to sacrifice himself, but all he saw was the two of them raging the astralist power when he turned back. Mitty stood firm with Marble laying on his shoulders.

        “How dare you ruin our house! Go, Mitty!”

        With Marble’s order, Mitty rushed out of the cabin and sprinted towards the soldiers with his huge paws.

        The soldiers didn’t go easy on them either, raising their weapons to launch attack; Archers were snipining at the back, but Marble went one step ahead of them.

        “Jump on the trunk here then leap to the front!” Marble commanded and Mitty performed with zero hesitation. In the blink of an eye, all the archers were either knocked out or freaked out to escape; Turning to the remaining soldiers, their blazing glares were so intimidating that the soldiers quivered. At this moment, the commander told them, “they’re just stupid dogs. Finish them!”

        “You said you said I was I was stupid stupid…” Mitty suddenly went from innocent to furious, glaring at the commander who said that to him.

        “I AM NOT STUPID!!!” he growled at the commander. The raging dog ignored the other soldiers and targeted at him.

        Very soon, the whole army fled the scene. “Get out of here while you still can!” Marble said cockily. Mitty relieved too as the battle had exhausted him. When the teen walked out with a slow pace, their tail waved at him vigorously.

        “Thank you,” The teen knelt on the ground and thanked them sincerely. Marble climbed on his knee, trying to please him as if they knew each other. “Take us with you! You smell like Orion,” he said.

        “I can’t. You’ll be in trouble if you follow me. I’m sorry,” the teen said as he smiled and stroked their heads, then he turned away and left. But Marble and Mitty were not giving up. “I told you, you can’t come with me.” He started to run with full speed in order to get rid of them, and stopped until he couldn’t see them anymore.

        The teen stopped to catch a breath. But when he headed back to the road, Marble and Mitty already sat in front of him again.

        “You’re trying to lead us to Orion faster right?”

        “Lead us lead us!”

        “Looks like there’s no way to get rid of you two.” The teen heaved and smiled at them. With his subtle approval, Marble and Mitty pounced towards him excitedly, and he gently stroked their hair in return.

        The teen was named Ophiuchus, who was being hunted by god soldiers out of no reason. He was looking for the lost memory while Marble and Mitty were looking for the old master. Now they went on the journey together, hoping that they would recover what they had lost at the end.

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