Mo Xi was storming her way along the street; Her grumpiness could be told in the way she walked. Arriving at the doorstep of a pawn shop, she decided to kick the door open as her arms were stuffed full.

        Bang! Two large bags were thrown at the front desk. Mo Xi threw them so hard that all the women clothings and accessories had poured out of the bags.

        The exquisite face of Mo Xi was written with fury. “Pawn all these crappy stuff for me!” She yelled.

        “Miss——” Threatened by her glare, the shop owner shut his mouth. “Why bother? Your brother will buy them back anyway,” he said.

        “Not your concern. These things are an eyesore!” The furious Mo Xi slammed the desk hard to make a statement, leaving the owner no choice but comply. During the wait, Mo Xi shook her leg and grumbled, which made a drastic contrast to usual ladies in terms of manners.

        “I said one hundred was all you could get!”

        A loud yell alerted Mo Xi all of a sudden; Looking towards the sound source, she found a shop assistant glaring at Shan, a girl in rags. There was a kind heart in this fragilely-beautiful girl. Even when the shop assistant threw her attitude, she still put up with a good manner and said, “this is our family treasure. Can you please evaluate again?”

        “How annoying of you! This scrap doesn’t even worth that much. You should have taken the deal when I——”

        “One hundred?” Mo Xi grabbed the hairpin from Shan to examine. “This hairpin is made of fine silver. It worths at least five hundreds. Are you blinded or retarded to offer such a deal?”

        “Sh-shut up you amateur!”

        “Do I need to ask your boss in person?”

        “I…” As his scheme had been exposed already, the shop assistant took five hundred dollars to Shan reluctantly. Meanwhile the shop owner, who had finished the estimation, paid Mo Xi with the cash.

        Leaving the pawn shop, the two of them walked to a tree.

        “My name is Shan. Thanks for the help back there, mister,” Shan said politely, bowing to Mo Xi.

        “She’s treating me as a man...” Mo Xi felt happy inside, easing her grim face. “You’re welcome...Watch out!”

        A fully-loaded carriage drifted through, which almost hit Shan. In the blink of an eye, Mo Xi pulled her away from the danger, shielding Shan with her body. She didn’t let go until the carriage went out of sight.

        “Are you alright?” Mo Shi asked.

        “Yes. You just saved my life twice. And please forgive my ignorance, for mistaking you as a man.” When Shan bumped into Mo Xi’s chest, she discovered the softness that didn’t belong to men.

        Mo Xi didn’t feel pleased about Shan’s apology; Instead, it sunk her heart. “...Nevermind,” Mo Xi looked away and said.

        At this moment, Shan held Mo Xi’s face in her hands, so that she could take a closer look at her.

        “What an exquisite face you have. You must be stunning after a makeover. Why do you dress like a man and waste your beauty?”

        “Enough!” Mo Xi pushed Shan away and glared at her. The rage against her physique and the frustration with her identity had driven her mad. “None of you understands me! This is not what I’m supposed to be! I should be a man!” Mo Xi cried in despair.

        “Everyone’s just the same, disapproving me and alienating me. She’s gonna be just like everyone else, disdaining me with the ugliest words,” the dejected Mo Xi thought, yet she was wrong this time.

        “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that,” Shan apologized to Mo Xi sincerely, crossing her hands. Mo Xi could feel the genuine guilt in Shan’s gaze. Everything was sincere in Shan.

        “Eh...No. I-I shouldn’t have yelled at you…” Mo Xi was overwhelmed by Shan’s apology, but Shan didn’t make fun of her.

        “No. It’s me who didn’t think it through before saying it,” said Shan with a forgiving smile.

        “But...don’t you think that I’m weird?” Mo Xi asked like a scared child, letting down her guard at Shan.

        Shan shook her head gently and said, “everyone’s trapped in this world with their liability.”

        “And you, your soul is trapped in the wrong body. I can’t imagine the pain you’re suffering, for loathing yourself,” Shan whispered to Mo Xi, looking at her compassionately.

        Mo Xi was profoundly moved by Shan’s words. She had been confused about her body all along. Later on in her puberty, every developed femininity had torn Mo Xi apart like a wrecking ball. She tried to seek help, but no one had ever taken her words seriously. Her parents, siblings and friends treated her nothing but merely a joke.

        Shan was the one and only who took her words seriously.

        Shan’s words saved Mo Xi like a lifeline in the boundless ocean.

        “…” Tears rolled down on Mo Xi’s face, and Shan carefully wiped off her droplets.

        Later on when someone called on Shan, the two of them separated their ways.

        Ever since that day, Mo Xi couldn’t constrain her affection towards Shan, waiting at the place where they had met; Yet their paths never crossed again. Right when Mo Xi was about to give up, the fate made a joke of her tough life again...

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