According to the historical records of Vahalian Kingdom, Odin the Allfather mobilized an army out of the tribes in the North, and with its help, he defeated the Demons. Then, instead of returning to the North, the Aesir tribe settled in a warm place in midland with a few other tribes and founded the Vahalian Kingdom. The Vahalianites then sanctified Asgard as the homeland of all Gods, and all hoped to travel there in pilgrimage.

        By the time the records were written, Vahalian Kingdom had become one of the strongest countries in the realm. Although the old king remained strong, it was still time for him to decide on a successor. Both Prince Modi and Prince Magni were highly capable. By crushing Demons and destroying bandits, the two had become popular both among their soldiers and their subjects. Being half brothers, Modi and Magni had always been rivals. Although there was no real hatred between them, their relationship had always been antagonistic. Words were rarely exchanged between the two outside the public’s eye. Despite spending months on the matter, the old king remained unable to decide on a successor. Having learned that the mighty hammer Mjölnir reappeared in Asgard, the king received a proposal from the priest — send the two princes to obtain the mighty hammer from Heimdallr, the guardian of Asgard. Whomever received Thor’s Relics shall ascend to the throne.

        Everyone accepted the priest’s suggestion. Modi and Magni both believed they would be the one recognized by Heimdallr and set out for their journey. The courageous Modi advanced directly to Asgard. Besides necessities, he also brought along an extra weapon to avoid being hindered if one breaks; sturdy Magni, on the other hand, took advantage of his physical abilities. With his strength, he carried much luggage, while with his speed, he tried to take the lead with his face. He avoided the Demons and hostile environments by taking a winding path; although each took different paths, they encountered each other at the bottom of a mountain; the ridges before them they must take to reach Asgard were steep. Upon seeing each other's conditions — Magni's fatigue and Modi's scars, the two nodded at one another , before setting up camp next to each other.

        When Magni came back after foraging wild vegetables, he found Modi already soundly alseep in his tent. At the moment he thought, what if he creeps into Modi's tent with his sword... Slam! Magni angrily threw the wild vegetables to the ground and berated himself for his wicked thoughts. To become king, he should not act like a charlatan who relies solely on trickery for personal gain, especially if it means harming his brother. Magni vowed to Thor, if he ever thinks again hurting his brother again, his soul shall be forever lost in an abyss. They began climbing snowy peaks the next day. Plagued by sleeplessness, Magni slipped, and if not for Modi grabbing his hand, he would have fallen to his death. In Modi's mind, as he looked at his brother barely holding on, the thought of letting go suddenly appeared in his mind. With a cry, he pulled Magni back up; he slapped himself into the face. To become a king, he should not be a cruel evildoer and should never should never neglect a person's life for personal gain.. Modi vowed to Thor, if he ever abandons his brother to danger ever again, his soul would be swallowed by Nidhogg.

        Seeing how Modi acted, Magni recognized the familiar struggle. That single moment of dreariness in the bitter snowstorm transformed their relationship; originally rivals for the throne, they became companions on their pilgrimage. Since then, Modi shared the weight of Magni’s luggage, while and Magni helped with Modi’s weapons. Together, they entered the foreboding tundra, as their journey north to Asgard continued.

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