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        In the water, Monkey King clutched the hand of one of his clansmen, striving to reach the mouth of the cave above. Their Waterfall Cave was suddenly flooded by a deluge, and the atrium above their heads was the only way out. But it was too high and far for them, the monkeys stretched their stiff hands to the light, but only the fate of sinking awaited — only few of them could be rescued by their lord with gold fur.

        Monkey King snatched the hand of another monkey, trying his best to swim upwards. It was the first time Monkey King moaning to the water, that why did it suddenly strike the cave with a flood. There was no need of overflowing the cave even if anyone among the monkeys did peed in the pond, was there? As Monkey King broke the surface, it pushed the drowned monkey out of the cave. It was about to return for another, yet the monkeys it had saved pulled him outside. It was not until it waved its fists at them did it realize that its limbs were already tired and sore. It was also the first time Monkey King moaning to the mountains, how come it would still be flooded after growing so tall? Now that their home was totally destroyed.

        Seeing the monkeys cry, Monkey King wanted to do so as well. As their lord, Monkey King had never shed a tear. Though he had witnessed the death of countless monkeys, he never sorrowed over that. The monkeys were much blessed by the nature, they picked flowers in spring, collected fruits in summer, harvested chestnuts in autumn and gather herbal medicine in winter... Monkey King was never depressed by their deaths as they all passed away in peace. However, the flood struck too suddenly, which caused many young monkeys to lose their lives. It was the first time Monkey King moaning to fate, that why did it destroyed all it had with a flood, after allowing it to be a monkey and enjoy all the years he had with the beasts?