17.3 Primal Deities Story Ch. 12

        “It’s burning…”

        The intense heat inside Hou’s body kept it awake. Opening its eyes, Hou had been seeing the same thing all these years——The scene of the water bottom. It had been trapped in here since the beginning. Occasionally, people would pay it a visit, but none had let it out.

        Hou attempted to escape. However, no matter how, it still failed to get out of the water. Later on, it was found that those humans had casted a seal over the lake to keep it under water. Hou was not that active in breaking free. Instead, it chose to live a peaceful life.

        And it did not take long to break the peace. Few days ago, some kind of strong sentiment was calling on Hou; energy became unsettling all over its body, like resonating with something else. Such unbearable suffering drove Hou roar in order to release the disruptive energy, which then turned into flames heading far away.

        The restlessness of Hou was pacified at long last, but it was just a beginning. Since then, Hou’s power had some sort of strange changes continuously, just like now——

        “Again...That power is about to burst out of me...It’s unbearable…”


        Flames burst out of Hou’s body overwhelmingly. Thanks to the water, the fire was put out in an instant and evaporated to steam.

        The steam had attracted the attention of Fuxi the red-haired boy. He passed through the grove with caution, approaching to the lakeside slowly. Then he saw Hou toss and turn painfully at the bottom of the water.

        Fuxi touched the surface and asked out of kindness, “ okay?”

        Miraculously, the second when he touched it, the torturing flame was tamed in a flash. No more swaying, but clung to Fuxi’s hand as if it had found the exit.

        “This exactly the same as that went inside my body when battling against Pangu. It made me stronger than ever…”

        Fuxi held the flame and felt the heat, just like a long-lost thing was found. All of a sudden, few memory fragments flashed across his mind——He was holding a girl’s hand, running around a prairie; he was making a pinky swear with the girl; and the last scene was that girl in bloodbath.

        “What is this? Old memories…? I can’t remember though...AH!” Fuxi touched his aching head, and it was at that moment the beast let out a low roar——Hou seemed to sense Fuxi’s discomfort, so it tried to express its concern.

        “Why are you trapped in this place,” Fuxi soothed its worry and asked gently.

        As he was about to reach out into the lake, someone pulled him from behind——Nüwa, a girl with an unearthly charm.

        “Why are you here? It’ll be dangerous if other Xians spot you!” Then, her eyes turned red; and tears began to well up. “Please, don’t make me worry about you again…”

        “...It is the first time someone would ever cry for my safety...This warm.”

        Moved by Nüwa, Fuxi rested his chin on her head, patting her gently with care. “Sorry, I’m alright...Let’s go back, shall we?”

        “I can feel his emotions...It’s warm...I wanna stay close with him…” Hou was looking at the receding Fuxi. It had an urge to chase him, but the body was unable to move because of the seal.

        This was the very first time that Hou had the thought of breaking this seal.

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