Month of Good Fortune

The new Monthly Package offer can be purchased and contains a combination of diamonds and diamond seal card draws at a discounted price. It's a time limited offer that is available the first three weeks of a new version and can be purchased only once each version. This offer includes the following rewards:

  1. Diamond x10
  2. For 30 days, the first time you login that day Diamond x1 - if you don't login that day, you will not receive the reward
  3. PlatinumCard x1 during each of the four periods - you have to login during the period to receive the reward:
    • 1st - 7th day after purchase
    • 8th - 14th day after purchase
    • 15th - 21th day after purchase
    • 22th - 28th day after purchase


  1. This offer is applicable to all versions, including iOS and Android (Google Play and APK) Version.
  2. The card pool of the Monthly Package does not include the new “Sindhu” series.
  3. Card Draw Events will not affect this card pool’s monster summoning rate.
  4. The following series are included in the Diamond Seal Card Draw:
Series Cards
Greek Gods 191i193i195i197i199i
Norse Gods 201i203i205i207i209i
Egyptian Gods 211i213i215i217i219i
Chinese Gods 221i223i225i227i229i
Ethereal Dragons 309i311i313i315i317i
The Witches 344i346i348i
Twelve Zodiacs 355i357i359i361i363i365i
Immortal Heroes 388i390i392i394i396i
Servant of Dragons 413i415i417i419i421i
Crimson Grace 466i468i470i472i474i
Investiture of the Gods 531i533i535i537i539i
Cyborg Scholars 596i598i600i602i604i
Minds of the Fray 716i717i718i719i720i
Hyakki Yagyō - Curse 726i728i730i732i734i
Dragons from Sepulchre 790i792i794i796i798i
Major Gods of Babylon 801i803i805i807i809i
Toy Pixies 861i863i865i867i869i
Fairytales Untold 881i883i885i887i889i
Keepers of Worlds 946i948i950i952i954i
Valkyries of Divine Wine 986i988i990i992i994i
Druids of Nature 1031i1033i1035i1037i1039i
Descendants of the North 1056i1058i1060i1062i1064i
Origin of Demons 1101i1103i1105i1107i1109i
Primal Greek Gods 1136i1138i1140i1142i1144i
Revolutionary Heroes‎ 1166i1168i1170i1172i1174i
Companions of Mystical Beasts‎ 1221i1223i1225i1227i1229i
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