As the base of the tower, golems were the most important part of the construction. In order to protect Enochian Tower, which was built with the joint efforts of various countries as a direct passageway to heaven, ancient humans created the golems. However, every country wanted the power of Gods to themselves, so they manufactured golems which would only obey their own faction and drive all else away indiscriminately. As the golems only served their own masters, there had never been any tower climbers reaching heaven, until the arrival of Demons...

        Moonlight Golems were intelligent and composed. They were sent to defend the last gate of the tower base. Upon the Demons’ arrival, they hid in the darkness, waiting for the moment when the invaders relaxed their vigilance.

        The Demon troops stopped at the entrance. A Demon walked towards the gate with an easy grace. When he was about to push open the gate, the golems took action. They charged at the Demon from all around. “Not bad! I’ve never thought you could hold till the moment when I’ve let my guard down, but still, you are too weak!”

        He grabbed the two nearest golems, throwing them into the air by focusing power of dark elements on his arms. All of the golems which pounced at him were sent flying. One of the golems evaded its flying comrades, focused dark elements at its mouth, and shot a beam at the Demon, but the shot was dodged by the Demon with a side step, and in an instant, he was by its side. He grabbed the golem with his hand, and conjured a dark-purple energy ball with the other. Eyes flashing in a frenzy, he pushed the energy ball into the core of the golem, rendering the golem in a state of convulsion. When the energy ball fused into the core completely, he threw down the golem and waved towards his troop. Then he pushed open the door...

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