Ever since she started practising black magic, her lost mind saw the light of hope. She went to her parent’s graves at midnight in hopes of bringing back her happy days.
        Tsukuyomi stood next to Amaterasu who was in deep sleep. She whispered in her ears, ‘Sister, soon I’ll bring back the happy days we once lost…’ On a blustery night, Tsukuyomi slogged through the muddy roads. She could not help trembling as cold raindrops splashed on her, but it did not hinder her determination. Although she could not tell how far she had travelled, imagining their new lives with their parents kept her moving forward.
        After a long walk,Tsukuyomi reached the graves of her parents. She put strands of two villagers’ hair into two dolls respectively, and commanded them to dig her parents’ corpses out. The rain ceased. Tsukuyomi believed it was her parents that had halted the rainfall for her. Tsukuyomi took the hair out of the dolls after the two villagers had hobbled far away under her manipulation.
        Tsukuyomi crawled into the grave, Her parents’ rotten skeletons laid within; she could tell they belonged to her parents judging from their clothes. Fortunately the hair had remained intact on their skulls. She crouched down and pulled some off, put them into two separate dolls and poured spiritual energy into them. Purple glowing wires stretched out from the dolls and connected her parents’ corpses, which then rose to their feet. Tsukuyomi embraced her parents and commanded them to wrap her with their arms. She cried from joy, ‘Father...Mother...I’ve missed you so much.’ She stared at her parents’ hollow eye sockets. ‘I can’t wait to see how happy Amaterasu and Susanoo will be! Let’s go!’
        Tsukuyomi took her parents to the practice field. She stepped rapidly imagining the reactions of her siblings, the surprise on their faces. She thought it was impossible to revive their family’s happiness, but now they were close to a reunion. The hope filled her heart. On the way back she saw Amaterasu, Susanoo, and Kagutsuchi.
        Amaterasu ran to Tsukuyomi and hugged her tight, ‘Where’d you go? You scared us!’ ‘Sister, I’m sorry, but look…’ Tsukuyomi stepped back and pointed at their parents. Amaterasu instantly recognized their outfits and asked with a trembling voice, ‘W-why…’ Tsukuyomi thought Amaterasu was floundering for words out of overwhelming joy., ‘I put their hair into these dolls to manipulate their movements. I reanimated them for a family reuni-’ Amaterasu slapped Tsukuyom!
Tsukuyomi touched her swollen cheek and gawked at Amaterasu, who then yelled, ‘Are you out of your mind?’ ‘Me? You’re out of your mind! I made our family whole again! What have I done wrong?’ ‘Death is irreversible. You are merely controlling their bodies!’ Tsukuyomi lowered her head. She thought Amaterasu would admire her instead of this rageous rebuke. ‘Remove the spell, now!’ shouted Amaterasu. Tsukuyomi remained in silence. Susanoo stepped to her, ‘Sister, please do what Amaterasu said!’
        Tsukuyomi thought Susanoo would be on her side. She cried as fury filled her mind, ‘Shut up!’ Their parents’s skeletons thrust at Susanoo! He did not know what to do. Amaterasu pulled out fulus, stuck them onto the corpses’ foreheads, and performed a mandra, ‘Break!’ Orange light burst rom the fulus and evaporated their parents’ bones. The hair in the dolls burnt. Tsukuyomi had to throw them away and watchthem burn down to dust.
        Tsukuyomi cried. Her hopes and wishes had been completely dashed. She flicked Amaterasu’s hand off and grumbled, ‘You’ve forgotten about Father and Mother! You’re not my family!’ Tsukuyomi ran away as Kagutsuchi followed. Susanoo chased Tsukuyomi while calling her name. The sisters’ relationship ruptured. Tsukuyomi hated Amaterasu and never treated her as her sister again.
        'Father...Mother...You should understand.’ Tsukuyomi had deluded herself to the point of no return.

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