A female screamed inside the room. She had been screaming in pain for quite some time until the screaming was drowned by the the sound of a baby crying. ‘Today Morgan le Fay delivered the prince.’ The old woman handed the baby to King Accolon, who looked at him blissfully. He held him up to the queen to let her take a closer look at her son. ‘What should we name him?’ ‘Let's call him Mordred.’ The queen stared at her baby. ‘He’ll be the king of this country.’ She looked into his eyes with and sneered viciously.

        The royal family had high expectations of Mordred, who was the only prince in the country. He grew up being told he will be the king in the future. It had convinced him that he was destined to ascend the throne. One day, when he was reading in his room, his mother flung the door open in a fury, saying, ‘Mordred, you should be studying with your teacher according to your schedule! Do you know how much I spent to hire him?’ However, Mordred paid her no heed.

        As Mordred’s mother stepped up and reached for his book, he threw it at her suddenly, and she fell to the ground in pain. Mordred stood up and pointed at his mother, saying, ‘I know the score.’ His mother was stunned, but she did not feel upset. Instead, she felt an inexplicable admiration towards her son. Mordred walked up to his mother and said, ‘Stay out of my business.’ His behaviors just now made her believe he would definitely become the kind of king she expected. She smiled and said, ‘Yes, yes, yes. I shouldn’t have bothered you.’ Afterwards, he sneered and turned around, while his mother watched him disappear with a smile.

        Mordred grew up in luxury. He hired the strongest swordsman to teach him how to fight and the smartest mastermind to be his teacher. Now, he was beginning to gather talented people to assist him on his road to the throne. When he reached his coming of age, his father suffered from a severe illness even the greatest doctor could not cure. Consequently, all of the country’s political affairs now fell on Mordred, but King Accolon was still the one making decisions.

        Mordred had confidence that it would not be long before he could become the king. But one day, he bumped into a girl when he was walking the streets. He thought she was nothing but an uneducated girl at first, but then he figured that she was Arthur, the daughter of King Uther! When Mordred threatened to kill her, she did not yield and drew her saber. All of the soldiers gawked at her saber and murmured, ‘Is that the legendary Excalibur?’ Their battle ended with Mordred kicking Arthur off a cliff into a waterfall, but he knew she would survive.

        ’Excalibur...How was that possible…?’ Mordred was confused about Arthur. When he went back to the castle, he asked his father, who then revealed a shocking truth to him. ‘Legend says the one who succeeds in drawing Excalibur from its sheath is destined to become king...But it’s just a story after all…’ ‘The story has become a reality. Arthur summoned a saber that day. Everyone thought it was Excalibur.’

        tKing Accolon gawked as Mordred mentioned Arthur’s name. He stood up and asked, ‘What did you just say? A-Arthur is still alive?’ ‘Yes...What’s wrong?’ ‘I see...She’s alive…’ Accolon panted, laughed through tears and murmured to himself, ‘A king’s destiny is unshakable...Arthur will become king eventually no matter what…’ ‘That’s wrong!’ What Accolon said enraged Mordred, who stepped up and seized Accolon’s collar. ‘Nothing can stand in my way to the throne, be it Arthur or Excalibur! This is my destiny!’ ‘The king’s future...It’s fate…’ Accolon kept repeating himself frantically without listening to Mordred, who loosened his hand and stared at the doctor with an evil grin, saying, ‘Answer me. Is Father behaving like he’s MENTALLY ILL?’ Mordred emphasised the two words. The doctor understood what Mordred was trying to imply and answered, ‘Yes! King Accolon has become mentally ill and has lost his good judgement.’ ‘Well then, I have no option but to take over his duties. I'll lead the country from now on.’ He left with his guard and ordered the doctor and the servants to take good care of his father.

        Modred seized the opportunity to snatch the throne from his father. He announced a series of orders immediately afterwards — the wall guards must bring in girls with blonde hair and emerald eyes; a group of soldiers were sent to hunt Arthur down and find her Excalibur. Mordred sat down on the throne slowly, staring at his ministers arrogantly. He believed Arthur was the only threat to his power.

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