’Hey, look at these chicks coming from all over the world!’ ‘Of course! Master Accolon is looking for a woman to marry. The chosen one is going to be part of the royal family. Who wouldn’t want that?’ Babble filled the hall. The crowd had gathered to join the the wife choosing ceremony. for Accolon, King Uther’s brother.

        The women were not picked randomly. Only the females of nobility and princesses from other countries had been invited. A woman in a black cloak walked through the gate, only to be blocked by the guards, who warned her, ‘I’m sorry. You’re not allowed through without an invitation letter.’ ‘Oh, is that so?’ She raised her finger to draw a circle in the air calmly, and a gust of purple mist drifted into the guards’ noses. Moments later, their eyes became glassy and they said in a monotone, ‘Invitation letter verified. Miss Morgan le Fay, welcome to the ceremony.’ ‘Thank you.’ She laughed and stepped towards the stage.

        Different girls went up to the stage to dance one after the other.Accolon sat in the crowd, frowning. Everyone except him was cheering. To Accolon, this kind of scene always followed the same boring routine. He had lost interest long ago. Right at that moment, the cloaked Morgan le Fay stepped up to the stage. Her weird apparel caused an uproar from the crowd and alerted the guards, who sprinted up to the stage to arrest her. When she became surrounded by them, she smiled, and dazzling purple light blinded everyone in the hall.

        When the crowd finally managed to open their eyes again, they saw Morgan le Fay stripped-down, posing seductively. The guards who had surrounded her were all tied up and on their knees. Accolon had never seen a show like that. His face finally lifted. As she snapped her fingers, the soldiers began to dance like puppets, and purple light converged into a woman, who looked identical to Morgan le Fay! The other guards in the audience intended to step up to the stage, only to be stopped by Accolon. He said, ‘Isn’t this fascinating? Step back, all of you.’

        Morgan le Fay and her illusionary self danced together to the music. All of the men were captivated by her wiggling figure and seductive dance. She danced to Accolon with her clone and blew purple mist at him. Suddenly, he saw Morgan le Fay leaning on his chest, and he stroked every inch of her skin greedily. As he longed for more, the music stopped, and she disappeared. It was just an illusion. Morgan le Fay looked back at him and stepped off the stage with a smile. Before the ceremony even ended, Accolon decided to marry Morgan le Fay. They had a luxurious wedding, but that did not satiate Morgan le Fay’s desire. She wanted not only the position of Accolon’s wife but control of the whole nation.

        To pave Accolon’s way to the throne; Morgan le Fay put King Uther under severe illness with a curse. ‘...The moment King Uther dies will be the moment Accolon becomes king.’ ‘But, how could I do that to my brother? Think of his adorable daughter…’ She seized his hand and placed it on her stomach, saying, ‘Do you have the heart to create a grovelling future for our son?’ ‘You’re right...Our son is destined to be king…’

        Under Morgan le Fay’s patient persuasion, Accolon launched a coup at last. He murdered King Uther and sent soldiers after his daughter Arthur. Accolon overthrew Uther’s regime and became the new king. Ever since Mordred was born, Morgan le Fay began pressurizing him to become king. She planned to puppetize her son after he ascended the throne in the future.

        Much to her surprise, Mordred grew up to become an assertive man. Morgan le Fay failed to control him, but she was attracted by his domineering attitude and gradually, she found happiness in being suppressed by her son. She never refused to take his orders ever since then. Now only one person was left standing in Mordred’s way. Morgan le Fay stared at Accolon, her husband, with a sneer.

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