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        “Morris, are you ready for my spinning pitch?”

        “Watch closely, Morris. My pitch is going to be real fast!”

        The boy, holding a baseball, said while pointing his bat at his teddy bear. The boy raised his hand and clenched the baseball, his sight focused on the teddy bear. Whoosh! The boy threw the ball hard, and it blew by the bear before hitting the wall and bouncing onto the floor. The boy jumped joyfully and picked up the ball. He sat in front of Morris after patting it on the head...

        “Morris, you need to practice more! Didn’t I say you have to watch closely? My pitch is too fast; you can’t hit it if you don’t focus.”

        A woman’s voice suddenly rang from downstairs: “Barry, your friend’s here for you. Let’s go to your baseball game and don’t keep them waiting!”

        “Okay!” Barry replied with a shred of impatience. He crouched and whispered to his teddy bear, “You know what? I’d rather play with you. Only you understand me, and only you are my best friend.”

        The woman’s voice came again: “Barry! Are you ready to go?”

        “I said okay! I’m coming down now!” The boy turned to leave. Just as he was about to step out, he looked back with a smile: “See you later, Morris!”

        The same gesture remained on the teddy bear; it sat on the floor with a bat, staring at the door, as if in anticipation of something. Suddenly, a child’s voice echoed in the teddy’s ear...

        “I can hear your ‘wish’...”

        “Come on! Make your choice!”

        “I can make your seemingly impossible ‘wish’ come true.”