After being tricked by Alice with a fake “Wonderland”, Woodbury, who was furious, shared her power with Hamel. Shortly afterward, Hamel successfully located the real entrance of Wonderland. However, they were surprised to see that Alice had sent pawns not to attack them, but to receive them. To avoid any accidents, Woodbury pretended to follow the pawns’ lead.

        Guided by Alice’s pawns, Woodbury and her toys arrived at the hall of a castle. There was no sign of Alice but residents of Wonderland stood in lines, as if they were waiting for their master to enter the hall and sit in her tall throne. While Woodbury observed the hall, a familiar voice of whom she hated said: “It’s been so long, my lovely sister.” Woodbury looked toward the direction of the sound and saw the individual she wanted to kill — Alice.

        Woodbury clenched her fists as she tried to suppress her raging anger. Alice sat in her throne and contemptuously smiled: “How many years has it been? Hehe, I’ve lost count. You look the same as when we last saw each other; your eyes are still similar to mother’s. Only now, there’s a hint of hate in them.”

        The word “mother” summoned memories as Alice’s false kindness triggered Woodbury’s hatred toward her. She conjured immense light elemental power and charged at Alice. With a soft sigh, Alice said, “You know what? I dislike violence. All I want to do is talk to you.” “Pfft, I’ve even killed you in my sleep to avenge mother!” With a glance, Alice signaled her subordinates to subdue Woodbury.

        The great power Woodbury possessed had no problem handling the residents of Wonderland, but she did not want to be distracted from Alice, so she distributed her power to Morris and ordered it to deal with the attackers instead. After receiving power from Woodbury, Morris could feel dark power expand and fill its body. It conjured a baseball bat and wielded it at the attackers, stopping them from blocking Woodbury.

        There was now nothing and no one standing between Alice and Woodbury. To defend herself, Alice conjured water elemental power and hurled it at Woodbury’s light spheres. When the light and water dissipated, both Woodbury and Alice took a step back. However, Woodbury did not intend to let Alice catch her breath and immediately conjured another wave of light attacks at her. “Miss Alice!” The residents of Wonderland wanted to help her, but were all hindered by Morris.

        Woodbury and Alice both conjured an enormous sphere of elemental power and shot it at each other. When the spheres were about to impact, sounds of gunfire rang twice before two gigantic fire spheres as powerful as the two sisters’ emerged. The fire elemental power nullified the water and light elements as their blast prompted a cloud of dust. Woodbury bemusedly looked toward the source of the gunfire, but the dust clouded her sight; Alice, on the other hand, stayed calm like usual, as if she had already realized who was coming.

        A maiden’s voice pierced the cloud of dust: “You two! That’s enough!” To Alice and Woodbury, it was a long-forgotten yet familiar voice. When the cloud of dust finally blew over, a maiden wearing a red hood approached them, her muskets still aiming at the sisters. Woodbury was shocked to see the intruder’s face: “Doris...?” Alice leisurely added: “All the pieces of my chessboard have finally gathered.”

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