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        Night had come. The streets were quiet. Any remaining glow from surrounding buildings had long died out. People living here were resting, and only a tiny and lonely figure staggered along the street. As it walked, it murmured to itself...

        ‘Best friend, huh? He eventually abandoned you.’

        “No! It’s not like that. Barry would never do that to me!”

        ‘Hmph! You’re just a bit ragged and he’s throwing you away like garbage!’

        “Barry didn’t do it. The one who abandoned me wasn’t Barry! It’s his mother. That woman...”

        ‘When the woman threw you away, did Barry try to stop her?’

        “No...But she must have done it without letting Barry know!”

        ‘This is merely your naivety talking!’

        “I have faith in Barry! It doesn’t matter what you say! Barry would never abandon me! You shut up!”

        The dark street was silent again; The only thing remained was the teddy bear’s heavy panting caused by its fluctuating emotions. It wandered around slowly. When it walked on a bridge, it looked down to the stream through the gaps on the fence...

        Its image was reflected on the water, showing the tear on its back and the stuffing falling out of it. Morris slowly turned to look at the rip, and it tried to push the stuffing back in, but to no avail. No matter how hard it tried, the stuffing kept falling back out. Seeing the damage on his body, Morris had a nervous breakdown. It fell onto its knees and started reminiscing about Barry. Just then, Woodbury walked to it and smiled:

        “I have granted you the ability to move and play with Barry like a Human...”

        “I have fulfilled your ‘wish’.”

        “Now it’s time to repay me...”

        Upon hearing Woodbury’s word, Morris sensed a powerful consciousness attempting to control its body. It endeavored to resist but it was to no avail.


        That was the last word Morris said, the name of its best friend, a companion not to be forgotten. It watched as its own body fell completely to the control of the alien mind, and there was nothing it could do to resist...