“Along with the utilization of Runes’ power, scholars began studying the meaning behind the pictographic Runestones. From ruins, we have traced a tribe which once used the heart shape as their totem figure. As manuscripts suggest, the curves on the heart were downward-curling horns, and the angular lower part was the jaw of an open mouth...”

        “Let, let go of me...”

        “Listen quietly!” She tightened her grip. “The heart shape totem manifested the image of the Mother of Inferno. This also explains the prayer about ‘life’ in the scripts: ‘Mother of Inferno, you bless us with eternal flame, protecting the earth from contamination, securing the purity of bloodlust.’ However, this ‘heart’ tribe was eliminated by other tribes, for that they feared the power of this Ancient God.”

        Tightly tangling the heretic with her long tentacles, she gradually dragged him to a gigantic flaming-orange sphere.

        “Who was the one to have defined that life must advance, and that life must have its own goal? Maybe there is a kind of creature that lives for the sake of living since its birth. It might also create numerous aimless lives in its own image —”

        “No! Please don’t kill me! I don’t want to die!”

        “Kill? Why would I kill you? I’m helping you cross your own limits and enter the world of immortality.” Her thick tentacles again lifted the man and pulled him to her. “Gods are obligated, Demons are weary, Humans are vulnerable...Every race has a way to die, but only Elder Gods can enter the hall of eternity!”

        The Great Mother pushed the heretic against the giant sphere, prompting pained cries from him. His body swelled and peculiar tentacles protruded from his mutilated body. His screech turned into groan-like absurdities, a sound caused by his deformed mouth chewing his tongue.

        Just then, an enormous shadow was cast over the sky, covering the witch and her followers. The burgundy body of “Mother of Inferno” was weaving in the sky; its winding claws were dropping fiery spheres grabbed from its blazing abdomen. The witch and the heretics all dropped to their knees in prayer, praising the glory of the Elder God; however, the “Mother of Inferno” simply kept weaving and did not respond. It opened its mouth, with multiple sets of jaws visible, and slowly flew towards Enochian Tower...

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