‘Miss Doris! Watch out!’ The manservant turned into a giant swallow and grabbed Doris before flying out of the manor. In the chaos, Doris’ red hood flew off from her head. It was blown away by the strange tornado along with the manor. Doris, with the swallow, climbed higher and higher. The estate where she used to live with her family went farther and farther away...

        “Woof, woof! Woof, woof!”

        “Hm? Toto, what’s wrong? Is someone out there?” The puppy Toto’s bark woke Doris from her dream. She put the frame in her hand back on the desk. In the sunlight, the frame held a photo with a matron hugging three girls. One of them was Doris.

        ‘Grrrrrr — Woof, woof, woof!’

        Inside the house, Doris could hear Toto’s growling and barking as if it was driving away someone. Its actions alarmed Doris. Although there were no pursuers since the day they left the estate, the manservant had always worried that Doris would be caught and brought back; therefore, he taught Doris how to use a musket for self-defense. Now, Doris slowly moved her hand to the musket’s forestock and leant against the window next to the entrance, peeking outside — a girl in a short maroon dress was stepping back while raising her pointed hat...That was the red hat Doris had! Looking closely, Doris found that the cloak on her shoulders was the one to go with the hat! The girl flipped the hat over, appearing to be channeling the power of the hat to summon bats...

        ‘Toto is in danger!’ Doris forgot about her own safety and dashed out the door with her gun up, pointing at the girl’s head; she was prepared to fire at any moment. “Stop!”

        The girl startled. After she looked clearly who the musketeer was, she turned her frowns upside down. “Long time no see, Miss Doris!”

        Hearing her own name, Doris examined the girl’s appearance more closely — green skin, black eyes and red irises; these are the manifestations of the hat’s consuming a person. Despite these, Doris finally recognized the girl. She was one of the ladies-in-waiting at her manor, of course, that was when it still stood in the estate.

        Doris could not help but sighed and lowered her gun: “Unfortunately, I don’t want to see you.” Doris kept avoiding her sister’s hench-beings just to stay away from her chessboard. However, she had no way to escape this time; but, at least, she had to first retrieve her red hood that could summon wolves!

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