Akikane believed that he would be able to control the two Shikigami; after all, he was the eldest disciple and as such, had learned the best of his master’s jitsu. Besides, the critical situation he was facing had left him no choice. Failing to notice the trap in front of him, he looked at Myoudouki’s seal and spoke, “You are my Shikigami. Now as you belong to me, you are at my command! Heed my order, and reveal yourself!”

        After Myoudouki had been summoned, he stretched himself and exclaimed, “It’s been a long time since I was released! It feels so good to be free!”

        Zendouki flung herself at Myoudouki and held him tight, said, “My dear, I have missed you so much.”

        Summoning two Shikigami one after another had left Akikane exhausted. He collapsed, and pantingly spoke to them in a feeble voice, “Now... you two can... drive away the enemy... can’t you? ” With that, Zendouki and Myoudouki turned to look at him at the same time. Wide eyed, Myoudouki looked as if he suddenly realized something, and called out, “Oh, yes! To drive away the enemy, right?” And then, the duo unhurriedly paced towards Akikane.

        “What... is up with you two?” The young practitioner was startled, and started to sense something wrong.

        Zendouki squatted down, and grinned eerily. “Don’t worry, I shall “drive away the enemy” now as you command.” She summoned a fox to break the practitioner’s leg with a bite. Crawling in pain, he made a vain attempt to run away from their evil clutch.

        Myoudouki walked forward at once and stepped on the practitioner’s back hard, said, “Oh no, I can’t let you leave just like this.” With that, he summoned a snake and ordered it to bite the practitioner! The couple got immense pleasure from watching the young man struggled in pain by the snake’s bite. To enhance their enjoyment, he ordered the snake to gradually strengthen the bite. Eventually, the practitioner’s struggling stopped and all his reactions ceased; his eyes also slowly turned dull and distant. After the Shikigami had killed him, they found a shaking figure hiding behind the pillar. They looked into each other’s eyes and chuckled, for it seemed that they could enjoy another round of hide-and-seek...

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