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        “Fate consumes the lives of Human. Dumuzi, fate is absolute.”

        Before Namtar left, this was what he told Dumuzi. Namtar had never resented anything; he did not resent the clan for seeing him as an oddity, nor did he resent Dumuzi for exiling him. This was because he understood that this was all predestined, and arranged by fate. It did not matter whether one was Human or God, none can refuse or disobey fate. Namtar left silently, and in the end, he reached a swamp.

        “Fate, did you arrange for me to be here?”

        Time had passed, leaving Namtar unawares, and before he realized it, he had lived in the swamp for quite some time. He was alone in a cave with the beasts of the swamp. Namtar understood that this was the path he was supposed to lead. Fate wanted him to be alone forever — he shall live here; then, he shall die here. Living in obscurity, he thought back to the lessons Anu had taught him of knowledge and strength. He began cultivating himself, researching all those he had seen and heard in the swamp.

        Originally, his research was conducted with regular harmless creatures, and after he had finished with his research, he would release them with food as compensation. As this continued, creatures began bonding him and this continued until he got a severe illness. The creatures who had bonded with Namtar found him suffering and those of higher intelligence treated Namtar with herbs. Since suffering through the torture of illness, Namtar began obsessing over herbs that can treat diseases. He continued researching in this area, but unfortunately, he found that he had no talent in medicine. On the contrary, he was highly skilled in creating pestilence. Not only can he create diseases, he can also facilitate plague.

        Namtar thought back to what Anu had taught him.

        ‘Namtar, why do you follow fate?’

        “Because fate bounds all.”

        ‘What if you can control fate?’

        “That is only because fate has guided you to believe that you can control it.”

        “Namtar, you have yet to understand fate.”

        “Teacher, fate decides everything one encounters through their life, up until their death, right?”

        ‘You don’t have to tense up. You will understand one day.’

        “Fate wants me to control what Humans cannot control. What is wrong with me following fate, Teacher?”