Name Narmer the Pharaoh Attribute InvDark Dark
Id No. 1920 Rarity 7★ Cost 40 Race InvGod God Series Imperiality of Egypt
Lv Max 99 Exp
5,000,000 Max
Basic Properties HP Attack Recovery Total Sacrifice Exp Sell Value
Lv 1 1781820184 2785 Lv 1 50000 1500
Lv 99 3528 1516 419 5463 Per Lv +0 +0
Active Skill Name Hieroglyphic Runes Lv. 1
17 Lv. 12
Effect Turn the bottom row of Runestones into 3 Light and 3 Heart Runestones; the 4 Runestones in the columns on the far left and far right sides into Dark Runestones; if an enemy is defeated upon the Round of Skill activation, HP will be fully recovered at the end of the Round.
Leader Skill Name Ferocity of Gods
Effect God Attack x 4.
Origin Friend Point
No Diamond
No Others

Book Backstory:

        “I can’t breathe...Am I going to die here? Can’t believe this is how my life ends…”

        Narmer was drowning in the river; water swallowed rushed into his lung, torturing him with pain again and again. Soon, his consciousness started fading away, and what had just happened was replaying in his mind…

        “Congratulations to your Highness! The marriage to Princess Sobek is definitely a blessing to our prosperity!”

        “Princess Sobek and Your Highness are a match made in heaven!”

        “There was a rainbow hanging in the sky and seabirds tailing our ship when we were sailing across the river this morning.. A good omen, isn’t it? It must be the blessing from the mother nature!”

        The viziers, accompanying Narmer along the journey, kept toadying all the time. Their intention was too obvious: buttering Narmer up with the royal wedding. Narmer was so fed up with these hypocrites, and he walked to the ship side to enjoy a moment of peace.

        “If I weren’t the heir to the throne, would there be a different story to tell?” Narmer gazed at the boundless meanderings of the Nile. The silver-white moon reflected on the water, making Narmer wonder the scenery residing at the end of the river. He looked at the Nile, feeling fascinated.

        Serket, the imperial guard, put a cloak on Narmer and answered, “Your Highness, you’re the heir of this kingdom. It’s an unshakable fact. Please let go of those unnecessary thoughts in your mind.”

        Looking at the landscape along the Nile, Narmer said, “True. Everything’s all set...Should I take Sobek to have a tour here after the wedding?”

        “Your Highness, I just reminded you to get rid of——”

        “Get rid of the unnecessary thoughts, and focus on the kingdom, right? Alright, I get it. Look at you, nagging like a granny,” Narmer interrupted her and gave a bitter smile.

        Serket was not good at arguing nor comforting people. She handed a letter to Narmer. “It’s from Princess Sobek, Your Highness.”

        He read the letter slowly; the lines were full of Sobek’s love, and calmed his unsettling mind entirely. “She’s loving and caring as always. All these years,she always got my back in different ways no matter what.”

        Suddenly, the ship was on fire during their conversation. People rushed out to avoid getting burnt. A dozen of masked assassins were hiding in the crowd and coming for Narmer.

        “Be careful, Your Highness. Stay close.” Serket drew her scimitar to prepare for the fight.

        Narmer and Serket got surrounded Deadly strikes were coming from everywhere. Serket warded them off agilely and fought back with lightning moves.

        An assassin grabbed a chance and trying to ambush Narmer in his back. In a split second, Serket pushed him away and took the hit. “Darn it...Where are the other guards!” Serket shouted.

         Narmer look around and found no guards except the coward viziers. When Serket was getting beaten up, Narmer picked up a wooden paddle and knocked out an incoming assassin.

        At this moment, the mask of the fainted assassin loosened. Taking a closer look, the enemy was actually one of the imperial guards. “Boom!” The ship exploded suddenly. A shockwave blown the stunned Narmer off the ship…

        “I can’t breathe...Am I going to die here...Can’t believe this is how my life ends…”

        A figure swiftly swept across the river, pulled Narmer out of the water, and got him back to the shore slowly. Through a fuzzy vision, a wing-shaped image imprinted deeply in his mind.

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