When Endor was a child, she was sent as an offering to Dark Cove where demons emptied the children's minds and turned them into loyal servants. On one occasion, Endor was sent to serve an evil deity trapped in the dark valley. The Deity gently caressed Endor’s face and said abruptly, “Wake up, the little soul bearing the body.” After the deity patted on Endor’s head, the cries of the dead cracked into her mind. She replied their cries with a question mark within her, and this awoke her forgotten thoughts. The evil deity took the beautiful color out of Endor’s eyes so that other demons would never notice Endor had regained her mentality and was looking at the world with intense curiosity.

        Endor regained her ego and was able to hear the awful moaning of the dead. She was surrounded by their enmity yet remained unaffected. Just like a glass bottle floating on the raging sea, Endor was unperturbed by the voices of the wild souls. She had kept the secret to herself since then, until a demonic general decided to march her into battle. In the chaos, she escaped to the human camp and began wandering in the crowd while disguising herself as a beguine. But people eventually grew suspicious of the mysterious wanderer. As the soldiers tried to arrest and interrogate Endor, a young druid stood up for her. He and his comrades prevented Endor from being tortured by the soldiers. “Even though I shall be criticized, it is a nobleman’s duty to do what is right!” the earl ignored the opposition and kept Endor in his platoon. Endor learnt about the human world as she grew up in that brigade. She found a trust developing among herself and her comrades while they were journeying together. She learnt how to smile from her companions and understood that it was war that gave rise to all those wretched souls.

        “To stop the cries of the deceased...” she made an oath with her company to put an end to this chaotic war, and let the souls travel to where they should set off in peace.

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