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        As the layers of heavy protection were taken off, a delicate and beautiful doll surfaced.

        “Matryoshka, where did you go again?” Leaning against a wall, an iron toy asked.

        “It’s none of your business, Hamel!” Matryoshka replied disdainfully.

        “If you still do not go and fulfill your ‘wish’, Her Ladyship will take back the elf within you.” Hamel’s gloating voice rang out again, taking pleasure in Matryoshka’s misfortune.

        “I’d have lived long enough by then!” Matryoshka responded coldly before leaving.

        She thought back to the past. ‘Matryoshka? Live a unique life and fulfill your wish!’

        The light sphere had merged into Matryoshka’s body, prompting a peculiar feeling that spread from her body to her limbs. Her broken arm and leg regenerated; soon, Matryoshka could move at will. She then risen to her feet and looked at the little girl. Matryoshka felt different about her her: not only did Matryoshka want to get close to the child, she even found the child’s power enchanting.

        From that day onwards, Matryoshka never saw the girl again. However, a few toys which claimed to be her “companions” appeared in her life. The “companions” told her that the girl used elfish power to bestow life upon them. She would also grant everyone a wish, the sole condition of which was that they had to work for her after the fulfillment of their wishes.

        Matryoshka had no wishes at all. She did not hate the boy who had thrown her away; she did not want any particular objects; and, she did not have a single feeling towards this realm. There was neither anything she wanted to see, nor anything she wanted to hear.

        “Matryoshka, are you actually tired of living?” The voice of the girl rang out.

        “Your Ladyship.” Matryoshka bowed towards the source of the voice.

        “Does that means I can retrieve the elf inside your body, and restore you to a doll?” The girl wore a smile on her face.

        “I...” Agitation surged from within Matryoshka.

        “Matryoshka, let me tell you about your true wish — to live.” The little girl giggled.

        It was not until Matryoshka heard the girl’s words did she realize that her wish had always been “living”. She wanted to truly possess her own life, instead of simply being a toy in someone’s life. The little girl’s smile remained on her face, while a sense of mockery flashed across her eyes...