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        At the far end of heaven, Summoner, the savior of the realm, was engaged in a fierce battle with Khaos the lord of all gods.

        “Why...Although my strength is weakened because of the heaven construction, I should be more than enough to wipe out a human! But why...Why can’t he just stay down!”

        Khaos ran out of patience with Summoner’s perseverance. He was furious as he looked at the new heaven under construction.

        “Anyone who ruins our world shall die!”

        As Khaos closed up his palm, more chaotic power was consolidated into numerous energy spheres, corning Summoner without any escape room.

        “Hey Summoner, what should we do!?” Glauox, jumping on Summoner’s shoulder, was screaming in panic.

        “If we can’t dodge, then we attack. Attack is the best defence,” said Summoner.

        Summoner called out 3 heroic spirits who were surrounded by abundant elements, raising the huge weapons on their hands.

        “The zodiacs fought so hard to get me here...I CAN’T LOSE!”

        Bearing the unbeatable will, Summoner braced himself for the battle and raised his wand.

        “Humph! Overconfident ant!”

        Waving his hand downward, Khaos launched the energy spheres at Summoner like shooting a million cannons at once——

        Bam! Bam! Bam! Few collisions sounded one by one. Next second, a few spheres were bounced back!

        “What——Darn it! You despicable insects! How dare you fight back!” The enraged Khaos bashed his fist on the handle of his throne.

        Instead of defending, Summoner and the heroic spirits struck a full-power hit at the energy spheres. The clash was won by Summoner.

        Happening unexpectedly, the reflected sphere flew towards the floating heaven——

        Boom! An immense shockwave was generated by the collision between energy spheres and the new heaven.

        “Argh!” Khaos moaned painfully.

        Khaos’s reaction was a jaw-dropping surprise to Summoner.

        “What...What just happened? He was unbreakable until the collision——”

        “I get it. That guy fused his mind, and even his soul into the construction in order to build the new heaven. Now that unfinished construction is way weaker than Khaos himself!” Glauox figured out the connection between the new heaven and Khaos.

        “So…” Delighted by the good news, the excited Summoner continued, “I can defeat him by attacking the new heaven. Am I right?”

        “Theoretically yes, but this is just a hypothesis. It’s still a shot in the dark.”

        “Enough for me. I’ll turn the possibility into hope!” The high-spirited Summoner concentrated to gather his power again. This time, he summoned five heroic spirits.

        “You...inferior creatures...ruined the construction I’ve been investing in...unforgivable...I’ll smite all of you!”

        Consolidating the chaotic power again, Khaos casted the energy spheres at Summoner as many as he could; yet Summoner dodged them all while running to the spot closest to the new heaven.

        “Heroic spirits who contain the past and future, gather the power of hope and crack that false dream!”

        As Summoner chanted the spell, his power was connected with the five heroic spirits, shaping an enormous blade.

        “No...You can’t!” Khaos shouted, but the blade was ready to be launched already.

        The blade, carrying elemental power, was shot towards the unfinished new heaven against the constraint of gravity——

        Crack! A clear crack sounded following the shatter of the shell, as if an egg was broken by a hard poke.


        Immense amount of colourful elements burst from the crack, flushing Summoner and Glauox back to the mortal realm, but Khaos didn’t pursue them, for all his mind was on the broken construction.

        “No...How come...Cough!” Khaos was heart-broken as he looked up at the new heaven.

        Khaos was severely injured because of his bonding with the new heaven. Consumed by the backflow of power, Khaos knelt down on one knee and vomited a lot of blood. Still, he got back onto his feet and poured all his remaining strength into the construction, trying to fix the crack.

        “...I can’t let it collapse even if it costs my life...Cough!”

        Despite the blood in his mouth, the power running loose inside him and his diminishing vitality, mending the new heaven was still the top priority for Khaos, who didn’t do it for himself but the sake of his kind.

        Much as the crack was fixed, the new heaven was still collapsing because it had lost too many elements. It was slowly fading away in the form of dust.

        “It’s not enough...It has lost too much power already...Our shelter will fall apart soon…”

        “Lord Khaos!”

        The gods, led by Aether, had returned to Khaos. They had to stop the battles against the zodiacs due to the interruption of the element backflow.

        “Lord Khaos! Your injury…” said Aether.

        Aether got pushed away when she offered a helping hand to Khaos. Not appreciative, Khaos declared before all gods.

        “That filthy human destroyed the home of all gods. All elements we extracted had flowed back to the land. To rebuild our home, I now command you all to retrieve the lost elements at all cost!”