In a tranquil town, a dozen of 10-ish boys sat in a classroom quietly, paying attention to the mathematical equations written on the blackboard.

        Among the students, a boy was daydreaming, gazing at the air. His name was Newton, the third son of an apple orchard’s owner. He was born in a normal family, introvert and uncommunicative. These unfavourable traits had been keeping his parents’ affection away from him.

        Suddenly, something hard hit his head, bringing him back from daydreaming. Newton saw a few cobbles on the desk and heard other students were teasing at him from behind. Turning around, he found 3 boys at the back sniggering. Clearly the cobbles were from them.

        “They again...Why do they keep doing meaningless things like this?” Newton remembered. These 3 boys ranked among the best in class and always pretended to be a good student in front of the teachers. That’s why all the teachers liked them a lot.

        Someday and somehow, they started pulling all kinds of pranks on Newton. Usually they were harmless, but not this time.

        “This is enough. I ain’t gonna sit back and let them hurt me.” After a moment of pondering, Newton took out a bur from his pocket. This dry fruit had spiky hooks and spines. Despite it could hurt sometimes, he still liked it for its tastyness.

        Newton scratched his shirt with the bur to draw out a piece of thread. Then, he used it to tie several burs together with the cobble. Theoretically, such kind of soft thread was impossible to bind the burs into a bundle. However, the knot used by Newton had skillfully offset the weight of the fruit, creating a perfect balance. As a result, a solid bur projectile was made.

        Newton, capturing the chance when the teacher backed on to the students, put his hand underarm and twisted his wrist to throw the projectile without even turning his head, right hitting on one of the boys’ face.

        “Ah——” A yell of pain came into ears, which caused a great sensation. The teacher ran towards the boy and saw he was stung by the burs, bleeding. The scene had shocked everyone’s eyes.

        “Who, who did this!” The teacher asked in fury. The boy pointed at Newton, “him. It’s him! I, I just saw him throw it.”

        Newton stood up, looking at the boy with cold eyes. “You had that coming.”

        “Newton! Why did you do this! You know this will get you expelled!” The teacher pinned everything on Newton without any investigation.

        “...Do what you want. I never liked your teaching anyway.” He was not afraid of the teacher’s intimidation, but felt impatient instead.

        “How arrogant of you! Today, I must give you a tough lesson,” the teacher walked towards him with a wooden ruler.

        “Truly annoying.” Newton kicked away the desk and ran out of this suffocating classroom.

        He kept running, heading to his own secret place——a flat area located in the mountain. This place could overlook the entire town, but still it was not Newton’s favourite spot.

        “Beautiful as always.” He showed a child-like smile, gazing at the iridescent lights in the sky. Although Newton could never actually touch them, he still reached out towards the lights.

        Newton was able to see these iridescent lights floating in the sky ever since he had his memory. He was fascinated by them, and it was not until recent days that he realized only he could see the lights.

        Preoccupied by the scene, Newton lost track of time. Soon the sky became dark. Despite the fact that the lights were not as clear as the daytime, Newton still enjoyed watching them.

        “I feed safer with these lights than getting along with others.” Newton sat down, closed his eyes into dream.

        “I know your feeling.” A low voice woke him up. “Humanity is troublesome. They’re jealous, arrogant and nonsensical in nature. I hate them also, but they can also be intriguing for the same reason.”

        A huge palm touched Newton’s head, which made him warm. “There are something that you can only learn from humanity, to find out the possibilities within. Escapism is not a right choice.”

        “Possibilities…” Newton raised his head——A man with a blinder looked anxious and could not stop shouting at him. “Newton! Wake up!”

        “What? A, this is real.” Newton looked at his grown-up body. When he tried to stand up, a sense of dizziness stroke his head.

        “Don’t push yourself. The drug effect is still inside your body.”

        “Drug effect? Oh…” Newton recalled a past memory——He was invited by Lomond Manor as a researcher, but then he was drugged unexpectedly.

        “I made a blunder! Despite the clues we’ve got for the traitors, being thrown into this place is totally out of my calculation…,” Darwin said seriously with crossed arms. “Alright, no time for regret,” he soon got over it and laughed.

        “...Your regret never last longer than a second,” said Newton with a poker face. “You’re optimistic as always.”

        “Optimism is the lamp of hope, young boy. You’re as introvert as usual too.” Then, Darwin clapped his hands and pointed at the above, “since you’re awake, let’s find a way out of this strange place.”

        Newton looked up and saw towering metal walls and a round exit overhead.

        “So we’re thrown into this bottomless hole…,” Newton murmured.

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