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        The realm was embraced by the power of the Elder Gods. Some creatures were enlightened by the elements and started practicing asceticism together. The Celestial Divinity guided them and brought the talented ones with him. Those left behind practiced on their own and opened their eyes to different ways of asceticism. Animals which cultivated their hearts became Xian while those indulged themselves in debauchery became elves. Men, Xian and elves in the secular world engaged in wars, resulting in the deaths of many.

        Dipankara brought Nezha away from Vulture Peak. At first, Nezha thought he would be brought to a more confined prison. Instead, he was brought to Taiyi Zhenren, who used to be his mentor. Taiyi Zhenren forged infernal blaze with the fire of a nine-headed dragon and built Nezha a body with six arms. Later, Dipankara returned to the human world together with Nezha to visit his mother, who was separated from Nezha for years.

        Nezha could not recognized his mother at the first glance when the old lady on the bed waved to him, until her familiar voice sounded.

        “Come to me, my boy...”

        Nezha fluttered to the bed. The old woman caressed his smooth face with her rough palm.

        “Forgive me. I could not visit you on Vulture Peak as I have lost all my power.”

        “Mom, how can I ever blame you!”

        “Then don’t blame your father as well. He had been so harsh on you just because your power is too fearsome...”

        Nezha undertook to do everything his mother said. As he looked around the house he found everything bright and neat as it was, but the relocated furnitures, new decorations and unfamiliar servants all reminded him of the times elapsed in the human world, unlike the mountains which were stuck in a time warp...

        At dusk, Nezha returned to Dipankara. As he was meditating on a piece of rock, Dipankara told Nezha, “Nezha, as the Demons are rampaging through the secular world, we have to set out to assist Jiang Shang to vanquish the evil.”

        “Don’t you afraid that I would flee?”

        “You will come back anyway.”

        “Why would I? I hate you so much.”

        “Of course you could hate me. But I know that you are not really trying to flee. All you want is no more than a break.”

        Nezha could hardly agree with his words. “We will see!”

        Nezha and Dipankara went to the realm of men to assist Jiang Shang and that was when he found that Dipankara tortured him only to help him get used to his new arms. At the beginning Nezha often left the two pairs of arms, which were attached to his body, folded up at his back, but when he had to strike back with them, Nezha would always recall the movements of Dipankara’s arms and defeat his enemies by imitation. Through countless battles, Nezha gradually mastered the way to exploit his six arms. With his ring and pike, Nezha was invincible on the battlefield. He finally reached enlightenment and became a Xian for his accomplishments.