“Hey Stein, Stein, don’t go so fast.” Inside a sealed corridor, teen girl Nicole was chasing Einstein in fast pace ahead. Ignoring the pushy Nicole, he observed around with his forehead covered in sweat.

        “There could be another trap if we don’t leave here as soon as possible. By that time you will never be able to have babies,” Einstein said.

        Both Nicole and Einstein were the outstanding researchers invited to join Lomond Manor, a science organization formed by geniuses worldwide. Yet they got ambushed and knocked out in the middle of the briefing session. Regaining the consciousness, they found themselves trapped in a strange place, with Nicole being held in captivity.

        Eventually, Einstein utilized his brilliant talent to rescue Nicole. It was also the moment when Nicole fell in love with Einstein, asking him to make babies with her.

        Einstein refused for sure, raising his guard on her. Yet Nicole would never give up until she achieved it, just like right now.

        Facing Einstein’s sarcasm, Nicole asked enthusiastically instead of getting angry, “so you’re saying that we’ll make babies together after getting out of here?”

        “I...Ah!” A dizziness hit Einstein while he was talking. He managed to suppress it, but another female voice spook before he did.

        “Nicole-Reine Lepaute!” the voice scolded at her. A slender lady walked towards Nicole, looking at her with a scowl.

        “Can you stop your drama? I’ve never seen any women more shameless than you! Where are your dignity as a researcher?”

        “Boohoo, Gali you’re scary. Stein, protect me,” Nicole said as she hid behind Einstein pitifully, looking at Galileo, who was a golden scientist of Lomond Manor. Leading the new joiners originally, she was also being kidnapped together with Einstein.

        “Stop nicknaming people!” Galileo scolded. She couldn’t help but shake her head, feeling helpless about the rogue Nicole.

        Yet Nicole was still unaware of the situation. “I figured it! Gali wants to have babies with Einstein too. I get you. It’s totally normal when you see such a brilliant man,” Nicole snapped her finger and said.

        Then she continued with her arms crossed pretentiously, “Mmm...It’s hard for me, but I’ll live with it. Gali, let’s raise his children together——Ouch! Whoa!”

        Galileo grabbed Nicole’s face roughly; the air soon became intensified.

        Einstein ignored the lingering dizziness, trying to talk Galileo out. “Calm down. Nicole’s just kidding. You don’t need to be angry at it,” Einstein talked to Galileo softly.

        “It’s your indulgence that caused her outrageous behavior! Now that she’s representing Lomond Manor, I ain’t gonna let anyone taint its reputation!” Galileo refused to let this go.

        Seeing the furious Galileo, Einstein turned to Nicole, trying to act scowl. “Nicole, it was your fault, Apologise to Galileo now,” he said.

        “Argh!” Nicole struggled to break free from Galileo, and she yelled at Einstein like an irritated cat, “why are you on her side? Are you in love with her?”

        “N-no, it’s not like that..I don’t want you two to...Ah…” Einstein couldn’t hold on anymore, losing his consciousness.

        “Stein!” Nicole caught Einstein before he fell on the ground. Noticing an unusual blush on his pale face, she touched his forehead and she was shocked by the heat.

        “His head is burning!”

        “He must be overloaded by the trap earlier, causing the fever now.”

        Galileo helped with supporting his weight. A moist could be felt once she touched his back. “He’s sweating too much. We gotta give him water, or he’ll be dehydrated,” she said.

        “Water…But we don’t have water here.” The panicked Nicole looked around.

        “We gotta find it,” Galileo said. She glimpsed at Einstein and continued, “but I don’t know how long he can hold on to…”

        “Well…” Nicole determined herself and said, “I ain’t letting my child’s father die!”

        Nicole put on a pair of mechanical glasses then touched the wall.

        “What’s your plan?” the confused Galileo asked.

        “Find water of course.” Nicole closed her eyes to focus, connecting her mind with elements. Next second, vivid colours filled her vision, which were the vision of elements.

        Enormous amount of information flooded into Nicole’s mind, almost wrecking her consciousness. Yet she endured it and amplified her senses to scan the water source around.

        “I..I can’t hold any longer...Where’s it...Oh!” Nicole finally discovered a place with blue sparkles, where it had plenty of water element.

        “I found it!” Nicole took off her glasses and shouted at Galileo excitedly, “the place with water!”

        “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go.” Galileo put Einstein’s arm on her shoulder and Nicole mimicked. Both of them shared Einstein’s weight, carrying him towards the water source...

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