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        You can smell the putrid stench as you approach the Seal. It smells like rotten food and comes with the dreadful snore from the passageway.

        “Sealed at the top of the broken tower built by the ancient civilization is an undying monster,” Glauox keeps talking beside you, “Nidhogg the Undying Dragon of Poison, sealed here by the heroes of the North using the power of Enochian Tower, is blocking our way.”

        In the magic circle lies a dragon, with mucus covering and flowing all over its dark green body. It is snoring with murky breath. You cannot understand, why in the world exists such a monster. You ask Glauox whether there is a way to annihilate it.

        “The Demons wake it up by force, giving it an eternal but hollow desire. Its endless hunger cannot be satisfied although Idun has kept feeding it. Life and death are the two sides of a coin. The only key to overpower and destroy the undead is to overflow the power of life.”

        Then, the dragon rises from the mucus, giving a bizarre roar. You have never heard such kind of doleful bellows before, which triggers your impulse to get to know about its story. Among the Seal Cards in your hands, there maybe a hero who knows about the story of Nidhogg...

        “Watch out!” Thanks to this sudden warning, you dodge the erosive spittle of the dragon. Glauox, having a piece of clothes eroded, falls back quickly. Confounded, you have a question in mind - who is that kind enough to help where all that can be found here are some berserk monsters and illusion of elements?

        “Summoner, call the heroic spirits!”

        You summon the heroes, so they transform from cards into real entities. Carrying a spear, a warrior dashes forward to defend against the claws of the dragon, while its putrefying breath is blocked by the flashes of a golden dragon. A goddess with her pets appears before your eyes. She looks back at you with a smile, in which you can sense her care.

        “Please comfort it!”

        She nods at you and gently walks towards Nidhogg, while the heroes aside open up a way for her. The dragon howls to the goddess, just like crying. You can see a gleam of mellow light emitting from her body, and all of a sudden, everyone is embraced by a warmth at the moment...