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        “Astaroth!” Disregarding the interception of the guards, Stolas hurriedly flew into the tent of the commander-in-chief. “You can’t do this!”

        Astaroth, who was looking at the sand table, asked disdainfully, “Why?”

        “This can bring no victory, but unimaginable disasters!”

        “Of course I know. But I won’t create any monster that I can’t control.” A haze of mist rose from his behind, and transformed into a blade that cut on the sand table. “As I have the ability to corrupt a Primordial Dragon’s body, I must be able to do this with the Divine Tree as well, and use it to control...”

        “You’re too arrogant! We have no right to dominate other living creatures!”

        “Why didn’t you say so when we were manipulating King Solomon before?”

        Stolas could not continue his persuasion as he was surrounded by the soldiers in pursuit.

        “Prince Stolas, would you please return,” said Astaroth coldly.

        “You think the Primordial Dragon is completely dead when you see its body?” Turning his back on Astaroth, Stolas left behind a sentence, “They’ll be back someday.”

        During the Era of Chaos, the Gods in ancient times used the Divine Tree to build a tombstone for the Primordial Dragon, so the power of the tree would grant it to rest in peace forever. When it came to the Age of Heroic Spirits, the Demons seized the chance to attack the land when the Gods were retreating, so as to take control of Enochian Tower. However, the war later spread to the cold North as the impetuous troops of the Demons did not follow the commands and the brigands were making troubles everywhere. The tribes there had to unite as a whole to combat. With the help of the exiled Savant of Spring, they defeated the Demons. To turn the tide, Astaroth found the dead body of the Primordial Dragon under the Divine Tree, and contaminated it into Nidhogg, the Undying Dragon of Poison. The immortal dragon attacked everything recklessly, but was later subdued by the power of the Golden Apple from the Divine Tree, and sealed inside Enochian Tower by the group of Odin.

        The Primordial Dragon knew all the happenings well. It was out of the world, but could still find someone it could entrust to punish the Demons for stealing its body through its consciousness. It cared nothing about the ruin or existence of the world, because after all, when there was no one to inherit Idun’s ability of manipulating the Golden Apple, its putrefying body would doom the world to the end...