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        After the Nightfall Savant brought a golem back from the village, he had been conducting numerous studies on it in his laboratory. In order to start up the golem again, the Savant conjured a ball of light with some of his power. As he had destroyed golems with his power in the past, he had to be very careful inserting the ball into the golem’s core, fearing that he would destroy the extraordinary treasure before him with a slight mistake.

        There were neither signs of faults nor rejection. The demonic power of the Savant successfully activated the golem. The Nightfall Savant was happy about it, but his happiness was followed by trouble...

        The golem recognized the Savant before him as its enemy. It focused dark elements at its light and shot the Savant with a powerful beam. Having foreseen that the golem would not obey him easily, the Nightfall Savant had set up a barrier to protect himself before it launched its attack. As he murmured spells and struck the floor with his staff, numerous magic circles appeared around the golem, leading to uneasiness. When the Savant pointed his staff at the it, numerous chains came out from the magic circles. The golem struggled against the chains but it was still overwhelmed. As a result, it was pressed onto the ground, unable to move.

        “What a pity...I once hoped that I could control you with my power...”

        “Now I can only make you the object of my test.”

        As he finished speaking, a large magical portal appeared behind the Savant, from which his proud melog walked out. The Savant stood aside and struck the floor again and the chain binding the golem disappeared gradually. The golem and the melog roared at each other. A battle between the two was going to break out anytime. At that moment...

An intense purple light was emitted from their bodies, causing the Savant to cover his eyes with his sleeves. The powers flowing within the two were calling for each other, yearning for combination. When the strong light dissipated, the golem and the melog were gone, the only thing left was a monster which looked like the fusion of the two...

        After a roar, the monster kept crushing itself into the wall, and almost destroyed the laboratory.

        ‘Stop right now!’ yelled the Savant.

        The monster seemingly understood the Savant’s order and stopped. It turned to the Savant slowly, and its eyes projected a special purple light. Calming down and gazing at the Savant, it was apparently waiting for the next order. The Savant immediately realized what was happening— his experiment had come up with an unexpected result...