When the Demons invaded Enochian Tower, they immediately encountered the golems, the guardians of the tower created by humans. As one of the Demonic Savants, the Nightfall Savant had also confronted them. When he led his troops to the last gate of the base of Enochian Tower. they were assaulted by the Moonlight Golems. Although it was an easy victory for the Savant, he had to admire the power of such creations. He had never expected that he, the Nightfall Savant, would have miscalculated and become the target of a surprise offense.

        Since then, the Nightfall Savant’s mind was boggled by the golems. Their intelligence, their power, and their figure were marked deeply in the Savant’s mind. The unsuppressable urge pushed at him until his desires finally overflowed. He started to create something very similar to the golem.

        The Savant had never forgotten everything about the golem, even the smallest details. The design draft was soon completed. And after days and nights of ceaseless hard work, the creation was finished and it was given an appropriate name - melog.

        The Nightfall Savant walked to the Melog, conjuring an energy ball with a great demonic power. Then, he slowly inserted it into the core of the melog. Soon, the demonic power circulated around the melog. As dazzling purple light emerged from its eyes and hands, it slowly stood up.

        Looking at the masterpiece before him, the Savant clapped excitedly. “Good! Very good!”

        The sound of clapping had attracted the melog. It gazed at the Nightfall Savant and walked towards him. As the Savant raised his hand and yelled at the melog: “Halt!” The melog did listened to him and stopped right in front of him. The Savant smiled in satisfaction as everything was under his control - he could manipulate the melog with his own power.

        He could not wait to test out the power of the melog. With a big wave of his hand, a gigantic magical portal appeared on the ground. He walked into the portal with his melog to wander around the world and look for an opponent which could match his creation.

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