“Your Majesty, we think it is time to recapture the seas that have once belonged to us.” Dragon warriors of the sea clan suggested to Ao Guang the Dragon King in the hall of the Dragon Palace.

        “We have stayed in the deep seas for so long, and our life has been peaceful. Why do you think we should join the war?”

        “With all due respect, our letting of other creatures seize the oceans is insulting our honor as the sea clan. The blue shall be our dominion! With the other races now warring against each other, we should grasp this chance and regain rule over Your Majesty’s waters!”

        “Fellow warriors, you should still remember the reason why we have chosen to hide here. We have just recovered from the deterioration of our clan. How do you think we can take back the seas?”

        “If I remember correctly, there is a sealed nine-headed dragon in ancient legends. If we summon it —”

        “Nonsense! The nine-headed dragon is a ferocious creature of time immemorial. How dare you think of releasing it! And for waging a war!” Ao Guang’s usual composure vanished; his bellow of anger shook even the entire Dragon Palace, prompting the dragon warriors to hurriedly kneel: “Your Majesty, please calm!”

        The dragon warriors at present did not have complete knowledge of the incident about the nine-headed dragon, so he neither blamed nor admonished them and instead, he merely gestured at them to leave.

        The words “nine-headed dragon” had reminded Ao Guang of his most resisted memory, like a gust forming huge waves on a calm sea. With his recollection stirred, the nine-headed dragon’s roar was as if still reverberating in Ao Guang’s mind...

        Back then, Demons yearning for elemental power incessantly invaded the depths of the seas. To defeat them, the sea clan summoned the nine-headed dragon. Its roars resembled infants’ cries, so it was also known as the Nine-infants. At first, the Nine-infants had enormous influence on the war, earning numerous victories for the dragons of the sea clan. However, in the myriad fights with Demons, the Nine-infants was gradually contaminated by demonic power through its wounds, prompting increasing difficulties for the sea clan to control the Nine-infants. Deranged, the Nine-infants could no longer distinguish friends and enemies, and eliminated every living creature on the battlefield.

        “Guang, tell the others to retreat first! I’ve got a way to deal with this maniacal dragon.” A white dragon of almost the same size as Ao Guang swam to him and said.

        “Yun, what’re you planning to do?” With the Nine-infants rampaging the seas, Ao Guang dared not be rash.

        “I’m the best caster of sealing-magic in the clan. What do you think I’m going to do?”

        “Don’t even think about doing it all by yourself! There’s gotta be a way when all the four of us are together —”

        “Just tell them to leave! If we waste any more time on arguing, the Nine-infants is going to kill us all!”

        “Hmph. Ao Yun, you think merely yourself is enough to seal the Nine-infants?” A red dragon also came to join the two after it had heard their conversation.


        Then, a black dragon also approached: “So, all my older brothers are ready to risk their life in sealing the Nine-infants. How can I retreat and leave you behind?”

        “Shun...”, “Shun? Even you have—”

        The most arrogant dragon in the clan, Ao Ming, had willingly forfeited the chance to win individual honor, and agreed to offer his help, let alone the kindhearted Ao Shun. Their generous support surprised Ao Yun, who had intended to handle the nine-headed dragon alone: “Hahaha! This is great! All the four of us are staying; Guang, Ming, and Shun, let’s seal the Nine-infants together! Please lend me your power when the time comes!”

        “Just cut the crap.”, “Of course!” The red dragon and the black dragon both swam to the white dragon’s side, waiting for approval from the blue dragon, Ao Guang. With no other excuses to stop them, he led his brothers to the Nine-infants.

        The Nine-infants weaved its body, its nine heads separately claiming lives on the battlefield, both Demons and dragons of the sea clan. The Ao brothers listened to Ao Yun’s instructions, and swam to the four cardinal directions. With the Nine-infants at the center, Ao Yun murmured a spell, instantly trapping the Nine-infants with a magic circle; but only this procedure had already consumed much of Ao Yun’s power. Upon seeing the establishment of the magic circle, the other three dragons channeled their power to fortify the trap, earning time for Ao Yun to cast the sealing magic. Focused on channeling power into the circle, Ao Guang failed to notice that his second and fourth brother were secretly sharing their last bit of power with Ao Yun, whose power was about to be depleted. Finally, Ao Yun did not disappoint the others, and successfully sealed the Nine-infants. However, he himself also perished after exhausting his power...

        Suddenly, a roar resembling infant cries reverberated in the oceans, snapping Ao Guang awake from his memories. “Th...This bellow! That’s impossible! Did they violate my prohibition, and release the Nine-infants from the seal?!”

        Ao Guang led the remaining dragons to where the Nine-infants had been sealed, only to find the dead bodies of dragon warriors flowing along the current. The seal was broken, and the Nine-infants was nowhere to be seen...

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