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        On the altar, there were two vixens eating the offerings they had received. They were munching the fruits and the grains. The vixen with five tails asked its companion, “Do you know? According to the diction of Human, we are sisters.”

        “Sisters? Spare me from that please.” The other vixen, which was eight-tailed, found a piece of jade from the offerings. It lifted up the jade with its mouth and raised its head. Seeing the jade glittering under the sun, the eight-tailed vixen took its breath and sucked all the pneuma within the jade.

        “Sis, shouldn’t we live with the celestial artifacts and refine our pneuma together with them?”

        “There’s no time to dawdle. The day will soon arrive.” The eight-tailed vixen said as it hopped onto a piece of rock. “By the way, I am not your sister.” Lightly it jumped up the mound. The five-tailed vixen followed suit hastily with a fruit in its mouth. They gazed far away high up there, murmuring a spell which allowed them to look into the city through the villages.

        “Do you see the girl in that grand house?”

        “Yes! She’s gorgeous!” The five-tailed vixen said proudly, “It is just a piece of cake for me to transform into her!”

        “Transform? No...” The eight-tailed vixen was surrounded by a plume of evil pneuma. Its golden fur then started to glow while the swirling pneuma became the ninth tail. “I will become her.”

        The realm was embraced by the power of primordial dragons. Some creatures were enlightened by the elements and started practising asceticism together. Beasts which cultivated their hearts became xian while those indulged themselves in debauchery became elves. The Celestial Divinity guided them and brought the talented ones with him. Those left behind practiced on their own and opened their eyes to different ways of practicing asceticism.

        Among the beasts which became elves, vixens were the most intimate ones with Humans. Though sometimes mischievous, they were likely to help men getting out of troubles. Mortals presented the vixens with offerings and lived peacefully with them. However, the desires within the vixens grew little by little as they were more engaged with men. Some of them fell in love with and got married to mortals, while some bewitched men with their power, conniving at wrongful deeds by indulging themselves in debauchery. Among the vixens, only few could obtain the ninth tail by mastering asceticism and refining their power, becoming the almighty vixen which possessed massive pneuma.