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        Broad strokes of the red blade in Ninurta’s hands formed streams of red light in the air. The massive wolf standing before him was cleanly sliced through by the light, separating into two sections. Ninurta turned to look at the girl who had fallen onto the ground and pulled her up with one hand. She looked up at him before leaping into the arms of a boy; both had been travelling with Ninurta.

        “Thank you, Ninurta!” The two thanked Ninurta.

        “Haha! We are family. I will protect you!” Ninurta stated confidently.

        “Old man! What is the truth behind power?”


        Anu’s giant laugh shook the ground. He bent over, his massive head facing Ninurta.

        “Old man, why do you laugh?”

        ‘Ninurta, do you know what power is?’

        “Power is what would make me strong.”

        ‘That is only the literal meaning.’

        “I don’t understand, old man!”

        Anu shook his head, a smile lingering on his face. He picked up a rock off the ground before imbuing it with godly power. Slowly, the rock took the shape of a sickle. He handed the “rock” to Ninurta.

        ‘Ninurta, when you have truly possessed this, you will understand.’

        Since the sickle was given to Ninurta, it had never been sharp. This did not change regardless of how much Ninurta had increased his own power, until Dumuzi’s words gave him an epiphany. This happened back when Dumuzi had just become leader.

        “We are a clan, a family! None is dispensable!”

        “Ninurta, I will guard over this family! Please help me!”

        “I have the ability to do that?”

        “I believe in you! Because in your hand, you hold the blade of protection given to you by Teacher.”

        Hearing Dumuzi’s words, Ninurta’s eyes shone, and at the same time, the sickle of rock glowed red. Out of its stone surface appeared a sharp red blade. The sickle blade radiated with harmonious red light, inducing a sensation of comfort.

        “The blade of protection, huh? Old man, I understand the truth behind the power I wield.”