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        To lift the plague, Dumuzi and Ninurta sought Namtar in a forest and after a lot of difficulty, they finally returned to town. However, as they entered the gates, they received news about Inanna passing out while she was working. Filled with worry, Dumuzi immediately rushed to her side. Atrahasis followed closely behind him to help wake Inanna.

        Ninurta and Namtar waited in the grand hall for news about Inanna’s condition when a soldier hastily ran into the hall and reported: “It, it’s bad! Our town is surrounded by an unknown army!” Hearing this, Ninurta followed the soldier to the wall and observed the situation. There stood someone he loathed — Gilgamesh!

        “Gilgamesh! You despicable rat! Attacking us at such a time, huh?!” Ninurta yelled in anger.

        “Told you we can’t go against fate’s arrangement. You think inviting me back can cure the disease, but the town is attacked as soon as we return...” Before Namtar could finish his sentence, Ninurta interrupted: “Don’t waste your time spewing nonsense! Help evacuate the people!” He patted Namtar’s shoulder before continuing: “I’ll handle this!”

        The gates were broken through in no time. Gilgamesh led his huge army into the town and ravaged every corner of it, turning it to chaos. While his men were scattered, Gilgamesh headed straight toward the palace when Ninurta suddenly dived down from the sky and blocked his way.

        “No unauthorized entry!” Ninurta conjured fire elemental power and took a fighting stance.

        Facing Ninurta, Gilgamesh still maintained his composure. He raised a finger and drew a circle in the air before dozens of soldiers equipped with unseen armor and weapons appeared on his sides.

        “These are the elite soldiers that I have personally trained. Play with them first. I still have something important to do. Pardon me.” With that said, Gilgamesh smiled eerily and left while his elite soldiers blocked Ninurta’s way.

        “Humph! Want to stall me with these mere soldiers? That’s not gonna happen!” Without saying another word, Ninurta attacked. The collision between his fist and a soldier’s shield impacted with a cloud of dust. Ninurta smiled; he believed he had defeated the enemy. However, when the dust blew over, his confidence turned into surprise.

        “W, what?” Not only did the soldiers still stand, their shields showed no signs of damage either! It was not until now did Ninurta notice that their shields had turned into water to nullify his fire attack. Taking advantage of Ninurta’s surprise, the soldiers wielded their swords against him. Though Ninurta hastily dodged their attack, he remained silent.

        Witnessing Ninurta’s bemused expression, the elite soldiers mocked him: “Haha! Terrified by Lord Gilgamesh’s invention, sissy? If you surrender and say you’ll be our slave, maybe we’ll spare your life!”

        Suddenly, the soldiers felt unprecedented heat around them — Ninurta bumped his fists and conjured overwhelming fire elemental power and said: “Haha! Nice! It’s been a while since I last fought worthy opponents!” Along with Ninurta's utterance, a stream of orange and red projected toward the soldiers, who could only raise their shields in defense. The fight between fire and water resulted in a gush of steam. Just as the soldiers thought Ninurta’s attack was futile, they found that, against all odds, cracks were appearing on the shields.

        “Only cracks, huh...? Looks like I’ll need hotter flames!” Ninurta bellowed as he channeled more power and conjured even more immense fire elemental power. Though the soldiers were protected by their sturdy armor, the elites could feel Ninurta’s heat penetrating into their skin; fear emanated from them. “Who says water can douse out fire? I’m gonna show you how fire can vaporize water and burn you all to ashes!” Ninurta’s fire never ceased; flames continued to leap from his body. Meanwhile, he delivered powerful punches to their shields, shattering every single one of them. Their armor also began to deform from the unbelievable heat. Because of Ninurta’s incessant and furious attacks, the elite soldiers eventually collapsed, and had no more strength to retaliate...