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        Bone-chilling screams and howls echoed over the underground, piercing through ancient vines and trees, metal parts, eventually to a towering tree in the center.

        “Oh...poor children, eroded by frenzied despair again...I must save them…” Bahamut, the crimson dragon lying feebly before the tree hole, raised its head and moved its scar-riddled body, flying into the air to gaze at those stricken souls.

        Despite the painful warning of its body, Bahamut conjured deep red flame in the mouth; the flame exuded with soothing warmth. Tilting its head, Bahamut split the flame into speckles, falling down to each corner of the space like snowflakes.

        Just as fire speckles kissed the frenzied creatures, it melted into their bodies, sedating them into a slumber.

        Over-exhausted, Bahamut was too weak to spread its wings, falling to the ground with a cloud of dust and dirt.

        “Cough——!” Bahamut coughed away after breathing in the dust. Numerous scales coming off, blood oozing from wounds made it look even more miserable.

        Bahamut gasped for breath faintly; its vision began to get blurred.

        “Looks life is ending soon...Sorry Pompeii, I can’t live up to my promise to protect this city anymore...Ah! That power...It’s him...the one who can set us free…My long wait has paid off...” Bahamut’s eyes became bright, as if it received new power.

        Bahamut flapped its wings back to the towering tree and breathed out a track of fire. Soon, three figures followed the flame to its front. Looking at the hooded human, Bahamut said in a low voice. “You finally came, child of destiny.”

        “Bahamut! It’s good to see you’re alright...But Pompeii——” Delta was joyful about meeting Bahamut, but still could not conceal her sorrow when it came to the tragedy.

        Descending slowly from the air, Bahamut touched her head gently and comforted graciously as an elder, “Delta, worry not. He’s just hibernating to protect the cycle and law of this land for Monesis.”

        Pacified by Bahamut, Delta eased up a little with a nod. Then it get go and faced to Summoner. “A huge change will soon kick in, but I’m running out of energy. I can’t protect those poor kids anymore. Summoner, I felt your birth, and you have an epiphany of the world.”

        “Epiphany,” asked Summoner.

        “You’re the key to break the fate of eternal suffering. You just haven’t realised yet. Fight me. Only fire element can wake your potential up.”

        Closing its eyes, Bahamut spread wings to ignite its body, eventually turning into a blazing armour with intimidating aura.

        “Not again…” Sonata the elf felt helpless.

        Then, Summoner patted his shoulder with a mischievous smile. “Didn’t you just regain your power? Now it’s your showtime.”

        “I’m in too!” Delta came over and said energetically.

        “For the sake of the realm, we do our best!” Summoner pointed his wand at Bahamut bravely.

        “I’m Bahamut, the ally of Machina. Come! Show me your perseverance.”

        “I’ll strike. Cover me!” Sonata took out a weapon to rush toward Bahamut. Seeing through his intention, it breathed out fireball to counteract. When the fireball was about to hit Sonata, Summoner covered him with the heroic spirit.

        “Thanks,” Sonata smiled. With Summoner’s protection, his move became agile. Tapping beat with his sole, Sonata sped up.

        In a flash, he plucked at strings and sang to resonate with element right before Bahamut. As the resonance accumulated, aggressive sound wave was unleashed——

        “That’s a magic circle...Wait! My attack is striking back...Woah!!” Sonata’s assault was absorbed and counterattacked by the magic circle, blasting him into the air. Luckily, Summoner and Delta managed to catch Sonata safe.

        “It hurts!” Sonata cried out with pain, butSummoner and Delta felt relieved as Sonata was unharmed.

        “If you can’t even break this spell, how can you change the fate of the realm.” Bahamut squinted. The fire winding around itself burnt more intense; Summoner sensed much stronger strength from it.

        “We better not drag on any longer. Let’s fight!”

        With a nod, Delta and Summoner assailed from two sides at the same time. When Bahamut increased its attack frequency as defense, there were a few times that Delta and Summoner almost got hit.

        “Tut!” While running, Summoner kept putting off the fire on the cloak. “We’ll be exhausted before getting there...Hm? It’s Sonata’s song,” Summoner panted.

        Sonata performed a melodious tune with his harp, which not only healed their weariness, but also revitalized their strength. The boon successfully helped them dodge Bahamut’s attacks and came before it.

        “This time, I’ll save everyone. I don’t want to lose any of you!” Delta triggered element to light up her metal part. Flames danced onto her right arm like a pair of wings.

        “Heroic spirit, please listen to my call!” Summoner conjured a light and a dark heroic spirit to attack together with Delta——

        “Roarrrr——” Unable to withstand the fierce attacks, Bahamut screamed with pain but managed to stand on his feet.

        “Delta, you’re tougher than before. But this can’t help you solve the coming obstacles.” Bahamut breathed out flame, which then formed a giant magic circle.

        “This spell is the same as Zana’s...Only water element can break it,” shouted Summoner. In other words, Delta could not hurt Bahamut with fire element.

        “Don’t give up! You’re not alone!” Sonata said from afar. “I have a way to break that shield. But I can’t do it myself. Summoner, go summon two more elves now!”

        “You think we’re playing games!? Conjuring the heroic spirit is not that easy!” Despite the complaint, Summoner still gave a try by circulating power.

        Glittering, Summoner’s wand had called out two ladies: one transformed from an azure butterfly, and one riding a slug. Both raised her hands to transfer their power to Sonata. Soon, the harp on his hand suddenly became a giant organ.

        “Listen to the blues of the world!” Sonata sang aloud, reaching everyone’s ears. As he performed, the music was getting richer and covered the entire space. Next second, the flame on Delta had turned blue.

        “It’s beautiful…” Delta was obsessed. Then she looked at Bahamut hovering in the sky.

        “Bahamut, I recall what Pompeii said before. We alone may be weak. But we’ll be strong if we unite.”

        Delta swung her right fist to unleash blue flames against Bahamut.

        “Well done…” The smiling Bahamut, without dodging, closed its eyes and intended to take this powerful attack. In the nick of time, someone stood in front of it——Summoner, who commanded the heroic spirit to fend off the attack with an elemental shield.

        “Hey! You want to get yourself killed? Pull yourself together!” Summoner frowned while gazing at Bahamut.

        “Right. It’ll be a pity to die too soon here.” Relieved, Bahamut smiled.

        “Truly, you possess a tough will and an extraordinary power. I’m old. To stop the world from destruction, we need a new blood like you. May I be your guiding light during the journey to the end.”

        Bahamut scratched the air with its claw to eliminate the magic circle of the entire area. Followed by an earthquake, ominous smoke was seen in the distance.

        “They’re god and demon soldiers! Damn it! They’ve come this far already,” said Summoner.

        “I can’t hold it any longer. Go! There are more and more difficulties and secrets waiting for you. But I’m convinced that you can overcome all the obstacles ahead.”

        Bahamut flew to the location where the smoke started. Seeing Summoner and the others out, mixed feelings lingered in its heart.

        “Pompeii, perhaps I may witness your wish to come true one day. Before it happens, I’ll do whatever I can to stop those malicious outsiders.”

        Bahamut glanced at a rush of soldiers...