Imperial Heroes - The Finishing Battle Ch.5

        A robust man and a stunning lady, Lü Bu and Diao Chan riding the same horse, led a troop of cavalry into the city.

        “Welcome back, master Lü Bu,” Yuan Shao greeted Lü Bu with a flattering smile.

        Lü Bu was invited to an alliance meeting in Kingdom Wu by Sun Quan, discussing the alliance arrangement with Sun Quan and Liu Bei. Despite a minor quarrel, the meeting ended in peace eventually.

        As the deal had been made, Lü Bu returned to his territory with the cavalry to start planning for the upcoming war.

        “Why are you here alone? Where are the others?” Lü Bu hopped off his horse and asked.

        Looking around, Lü Bu only found Yuan Shao and few soldiers. The rest was nowhere to be seen.

        “They’re all expecting you at the grand hall.”

        “Mmm…” Lü Bu frowned his eyebrows all of a sudden, squinting at Yuan Shao. His sharp gaze sent a chill down Yuan Shao’s spine.

        “Is our plan blown?” The freaked out Yuan Shao thought while his back couldn’t stop sweating.

        “T-This is impossible. I need to calm down…”


        Just when Yuan Shao was about to break the silence, Lü Bu took the initiative one step ahead.

        “What the hell did you do? You stink!”

        “Huh?” Surprised by Lü Bu, Yuan Shao responded after a moment of blank look.

        “I-I-I stepped on dog shit!”

        “You useless piece of crap can’t even walk properly?”

        Kicked by Lü Bu, Yuan Shao fell onto the ground pathetically. Before he could stand back up, Lü Bu trampled and rubbed his shoes on his body.

        “Wipe my shoe clean. It won’t make a difference anyway, you stinky crap,” Lü Bu humiliated Yuan Shao.

        The cavalry was amused by the way Yuan Shao was degraded. Hatred and resentment had driven Yuan Shao crazy

        “Damn it...Damn it! I...I wanna butcher him right now!”

        Staring at the ground, he gritted his teeth to suppress the urge to curse Lü Bu.

        “Be patient...Just a while longer...I’ll be able to step on his arrogant grin!”

        “Alright. My shoe is clean. Let’s go,” said Lü Bu, who felt bored as Yuan Shao didn’t resist. Leaving the cavalry at the outer area, Lü Bu carried Diao Chan to the center area. Meanwhile, Yuan Shao crawled back up and followed tightly.

        Arriving at the grand hall, Lü Bu saw no one but an empty space. The provoked Lü Bu then yelled at Yuan Shao, “didn’t you say that everyone is in the grand hall? There’s no——”


        Diao Chan, startled to scream, grabbed Lü Bu’s arm and said, “Lü Bu, look over there!”

        Looking at where Diao Chan pointed, Lü Bu saw a dozen corpses hanging on the ceiling——Lü Bu’s elite soldiers.

        “This is a setup!”

        As soon as Lü Bu figured out the threat, he tried to drag Diao Chan and escape. But his plan didn’t work out as someone was trying to hack him. Lü Bu had no choice but to let go of Diao Chan in order to save himself.

        “Yuan Shao! You bastard! How dare you betray me!”

        Lü Bu, glaring at the armed Yuan Shao, was going to fight back with his halberd. At this moment, a male voice from the throne stopped him.

        “Drop your weapon or your wife dies.”


        Gazing at Diao Chan, Lü Bu found her being held hostage by Xiahou Dun, a woman with a single eye patch.


        Lü Bu barked at Cao Cao, the man on the throne.

        “But can you?”

        Cao Cao snapped his fingers, calling out a swarm of soldiers. At this moment, he stared at Lü Bu with arms crossed.

        “I guess you don’t need me to teach you what to do.”


        Lü Bu reluctantly dropped his halberd and said, “are we good now?”

        “Yes for me, but he seems to have scores to be settled with you.”

        Cao Cao looked at the excited Yuan Shao. With Cao Cao’s permission, Yuan Shao punched hard on Lü Bu’s face——

        BANG! Lü Bu fell onto the ground with a swollen cheek and bleeding lips.

        “Lü Bu!” Diao Chan screamed, who attempted to go over but stopped by Xiahou Dun.

        “Cough. I’m alright. Even my grandma punches harder than him,” said Lü Bu, grinning proudly as always.

        “Why can this scum keep laughing! Damn it! Damn it!”

        The long-suppressed resentment inside Yuan Shao became a huge wave of rage, erupting unstoppably.

        Yuan Shao stepped on Lü Bu’s head and said with pleasure, “come on. I’ll return all the humiliation you did to me double!”

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