Brilliance lit every inch of the island. A muscle boy appeared out of the blue.
        ‘Ouch, my back...Where am I?’ Nobunaga stood up and found himself surrounding by an unfamiliar forest.
         “I was with Oichi a few moments ago. Is this some kind of tricks by the enemies…? Anyway, I must get back to Oichi first.” Nobunaga sniffed and smelled the scent of seawater.
        “That way heads to the coast. There should be people around.” Nobunaga followed the scent of seawater. While at it, he left cut marks on the trees along his way. Upon reaching the coast, he gawked at what he saw—countless people were wandering on the beach. They all turned around and stared at Nobunaga frantically, murmuring, ‘kill...kill, kill them all…’
        Nobunaga stopped, stepped back, turned around and ran. The mad men chased after him immediately. It had been long since they found a target. Noises came from the forest as they ran through the forest. Nobunaga crawled into a tree hole and covered it with a bunch of hay. He was safe for now.
        “What are they? They look like a kind of youkai I’ve seen in a book I read before.’ He crossed his legs. When he scratched his head, wondering if Oishi was safe, he could not feel the ebony hairpin Oishi had gifted him. Nobunaga thought he must have lost it on the run.
        “It a gift from her. I must find it.” Nobunaga peeked behind the hay. He saw only a few mad men. The rest had returned to the beach. Nobunaga got out of the tree hole and tiptoed along the road in search of his hairpin He reached the exit of the forest…
        ‘There it is!’ When Nobunaga ran to his hairpin lying on the ground, his foot crunched a branch and alerted the mad men. They surrounded Nobunaga and blocked off all openings. Nobunaga stepped backward until his back stuck on a tree.
        “They’ve managed to push me up against the wall. I underestimated them.” Nobunaga burst in laughter fearlessly despite his life was at stake. That proved how confident he was. The mad men all charged at him at once. He could handle them at first, but there were too many of them. The prolonged battle drained his stamina gradually, and one of the mad men caught Nobunaga’s neck.
        ‘Humph, there’s no way I’ll lose…’ Nobunaga felt his head spinning, and his vision slowly blurred.
        A sharp noise glided through the mad man that held Nobunaga’s neck. It was a dagger. Before Nobunaga could figured out what had happened, three more daggers thrust into the other mad men’s heads.
        ‘Run!’ yelled the shadow hanging down the tree. She jumped to another tree before Nobunaga could say anything. Nobunaga ran before her with every ounce of his breath. Suddenly, a dagger was pelted at Nobunaga, leaving a scratch on his face. At the same time, it hit the mad man coming after him.
        ‘Wow! Be careful! You almost hit me!’
        ‘Shut up if you don’t want to die!’
        Both of them ran at speed, and successfully got rid of the mad men. Nobunaga finally saw the face of the shadow—— a beautiful girl with an enchanting face.
        ‘After a storm comes a calm. At least I met a beauty here.’ Nobunaga thought optimistically.

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